Dizzy in a haze

Today’s Much Love Monday is brought to you with an early track from The Cult and Lil Devil

Ahhh, this brings back my teenage years. I wonder if Billy Duffy ever lost his cool? Ian Astbury always seemed like a showman who tried too hard. I always got the impression he was probably not very cool at all: too quick to forget his English roots and put on some pseudo-American appearance. I wonder if Billy ever got tired of saying “No, Ian, will you just stop being such a dick?”

Often a line of conversation between plastic scousers and Manchester men. Billy Duffy, by the way, told the great God of 80s guitar, Johnny Marr, to pick up a an instrument. For that, I am eternally grateful. Also for the fact he probably spent years reining in Ian Astbury’s more pretentious side. That in itself probably deserves an award. “No, Ian, you’re not a Native American. You’re from Merseyside. Now stop being such a dick.”

It doesn’t make them any less part of my teenage years, though. Electric came out in 1987, when I was 14 years old – it was a pivotal year in my musical tastes, let me tell you.

I just thought I’d add this little clip of Billy and Johnny Marr for you… Bily is one of those guys who never stops being handsome even though he’s in his fifties. Rugged is always a good look on a man. Johnny Marr looks a little saggy. That happens to pretty boys. Don’t listen to Billy speak though. He should be like Marlboro Man and be always silent. Instead, he sounds like a member of Coronation Street. He looks a bit like Gordon Ramsay got ironed and sounds like Mike Baldwin. Ironically, when you hear Ian Astbury talk, he sounds like a decent guy.

Anyway, what am I loving this Monday?

♥ Christmas presents from talented friends. Not only did I get this gorgeous hand-made Christmas stocking in this fabby, fabby dog fabric, but a hand-made bag as well in more gorgeous, gorgeous dog fabric. Spoiled. Thanks Tamsin x


I just love the word-play with the dog designs



Too cute!


I love my clever friends.

♥ Parcels in the post. I got a Thompson and Morgan seed catalogue on Friday from my mum, and a book that combines my crafty love with my wordy love.


Ragamuffin is such a great word anyway. It’s one of my favourites.

♥ snoring beasts. Nothing tells me the world is at rest more than a snoring beast.

Another quieter week this week – trying not to focus on too many things other than the basics. Last week was much more restful and I’m glad I felt less frenetic. It’s not a good feeling. I’d be quite glad if the rain would stop. The river Tardoire is full to bursting. Any more wet days and it’d be over its banks in places, I know. Then it’s not long after that point until my garden becomes a quagmire. Météo France says it will be a brighter week, but I don’t trust them after their ‘zero’ rain turned out to be ‘persisting down’. I’m from Manchester. I know my wet stuff.

None of that wet stuff, thanks, Madame Universe.


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