I can never get enough

And it’s the return of the Much Love Monday after a six-month hiatus. I just find it so difficult to blog mid-week – Mondays are much easier!

What better way to start the first Monday of 2015 than with Transvision Vamp and Landslide of Love?

Wendy James was the pre-Gwen Stefani Gwen Stefani – less polished, less fashion icon, more gutsy and more raw – Britain’s own peroxide-blonde trash queen. Like Debbie Harry, the decade before, I don’t know many men of my generation who didn’t have a crush on her. 1988 and 89 were good years for me – it’s the time I found a lot of good friends.

So what am I loving this week?

♥ Facebook, which keeps me involved just a little bit in my old friends’ lives. It is always nice to see a face from the past and know that my childhood friends are having lots of joy. Nothing gives me that warmy fuzzy feeling than seeing some of my friends from the past who have battled all kinds of issues or problems and who now have happy families and are surrounded by love

♥ Fires. Having returned from dog sitting, my house was a chilly 7° inside – not so warm on a day when it was 12° outside! It’s taken 48 hours of constant heating to get up to 15°C inside – but it’s mild weather today so hopefully it’ll be toasty warm here tonight

♥ Christmas breaks. I feel ready for the new year. I have my to-do list and I am ready to go!

♥ Finding my energy. A holiday was well-needed.

♥ My Curly Sue, who always gives me inspiration and motivation. Not only that, she proof-read a little project I’ve got going on AND gave me ideas as to how to turn it into an extravaganza with a 24-hour turn-around.

♥ My knitty and crochet-savvy friends. Knitting definitely got fun and kitsch in the last couple of decades.

Not loving the fact my new laptop doesn’t have a memory card slot. Boo. Not only that, I’ve lost the cable to transfer photos from my camera to the laptop. Bah! Small frustrations.


5 thoughts on “I can never get enough

  1. i missed mondays. is your home masonry? i heated with wood only for years and it only took 2 or 3 hrs to heat the home. mine was a wood frame and no insulation, so i was heating the yard also. if you are using a fireplace that would take longer.

    ice cream raz

      1. that’s actually what i meant. i just didn’t define it very well.

        i’ve worked in stone houses here and they had a decent level of air conditioning with them. kept the place very comfy during the day but you froze to death at night during the summer.

        ice cream raz

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