The beginning of December marked the first day of a photographic advent calendar I’d done for the refuge with the help of about twenty walkers and biscuit holders who were patient enough to jockey the dogs into position.

Ufo was dog number 1, yesterday. He’s a twelve-year-old labrador who is still a big puppy at heart. He’s been at the refuge six years. High time he found a home. He’s a magnificent dog – quite sure he would have slotted in here just as Ralf did.

Ufo english

I did 28 photos – some just in case ones – and I’m glad because a couple of dogs on my list have already gone, Artiste and Toupie, who made their way up to Germany, and Dalton who I taxiied up to his new family on Friday. That left me with 25 photos.

dalton adopted 2

Dalton is doing very well – new family are very happy with him and so far, he has been behaving himself. After five years at the refuge, he obviously realises what side his bread is buttered on. I was sad, however, to see scarring on his neck – old scars on the collarline from his life before the refuge. Sad too because I’ve walked him dozens of times and never noticed. He doesn’t look very happy on this photo, but he really was. It was fantastic to see how excited he was on the journey. I’m sure those dogs know that when they get to hop in a car, it’s the beginning of something magnificent!

anna english

Anna has hopefully been adopted this afternoon, which means four of the oldies or long-termers on my photos have now found homes. That is quite something. I know it’s too much to hope for all 28 to find homes, but I can wish.

I’ve also started my sponsored knit to raise money for these little babies found in a bread oven. So far, I’ve raised 500€ in pledges and donations, which should cover vaccinations, chipping and sterilisation which can then be recuperated when the cats are adopted. She says. Finding homes for kittens is becoming tougher and tougher. Seems like everyone has four or five cats already, at least!

kitties sponsor

I’m knitting 31 baubles in 31 days… they do say the devil makes work for idle fingers! Honestly, it’s forcing me to sit down and catch up with films and television. Forced passivity in front of a fire is no bad thing in winter. I’m sending the baubles out to people who have supported me in a random draw.


This takes the place of the writing I’ve been doing for NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, which I’ve participated in for the last three years.


Yeah, I don’t know how I managed it either, between the doggie advent calendar and the refuge stuff and working and walking. Sometimes I amaze myself.

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