Oh November

Where are you disappearing to?

Somebody asked me what had happened to me recently… well… this!


And this…


Let me tell you something for nothing… after you’ve knitted a bauble on five 1.5mm double pointed needles, using two colours and increases and decreases, knitting a scarf in cable stitch on 5mm needles feels like weird child’s play. It’s like writing with those super-large pencils. It feels weird.

And a bit of this…


And an awful lot of NaNoWriMo… that’s National Novel Writing Month to the uninitiated.

Yes, November is where I get my craft on and get creative. Sorry you lost me in the world of fabric and wool for a while.

I’ve been doing a lot of photographs too, in preparation for Christmas. I’m quite sure by now that the refuge staff think I am full-on insane.

Christmas zouzou

Five oldies have already been adopted and we’re almost down to less than 20 oldies – though there have been an inordinate number of abandoned dogs. I did fifteen sets of dog photos on Friday!

There’s also been a bit of this…

beaAnd in between all of that has been a lot of work, a few walks in the rain and quite a lot of mud.

And a bit of this


Never a moment of peace!

Hopefully normal service will now be resumed!

1 thought on “Oh November

  1. Thank you for coming back. Our son, now american did this write a novel in a month…and it’s very good for the soul! But a bit time consuming. I admire you…Lady Justine.

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