A year in the life of my camera: 400 and 500

Just continuing my photographic yearbook – shots 400 and 500. I wasn’t very active with my camera for the early months of January and February – the world is cold and still during those months and I did little other than work and walk. The snowdrops are always very significant to me – those first colours and signs that winter is on its way out. But it is so much more than that, and these snowdrops are too.

Photo 400


Not a sign of spring for me any longer, but a symbol of young lives cut short in the dead of winter. Think Seamus Heaney is with me on that one.

Photo 500


Then the floods began – four years and three floods. I do like the water on the fields though. Plus, the sound of a joyous Heston romping through the water is just one of life’s little treasured moments – even if I do have to clean him up afterwards.

It’s nice looking through all these photos from the year though – it all seems like such a long time ago and my memory is very bad; that’s why I love my camera.


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