A year in the life of my camera: 200 and 300

Yesterday, I realised I’d had my camera for a year, and I thought it would be nice to run through every 100 shots to see what my year in the life of a camera has looked like. I have no doubt I’ll be up to 6000 shots by the end of the day as I’m doing a doggie Christmas photoshoot this afternoon.

Shot 200


A craft project that I haven’t yet finished. Shame on me. When I finish this pair of socks I’m knitting, I’m going to get back on and finish these hearts. I planned on sticking a back on them, stuffing them and making a chain of them for Christmas – you can see I went kind of Christmassy with the sequins. The denim was getting pretty hard to sew – think that was the problem. I quit so easily in the face of difficulty!

Shot 300


If I’m not mistaken, this is the beginning of my 52 Mondays project in January. Amazing how much that landscape changes in a year. All the winter wheat is now in, as well as the rapeseed. It looked like this on Monday.

52 Mondays43

Funny to think that by Christmas I’d taken only 300 photos – and then it took off like a rocket. To be fair, that is because I end up deleting about 75% of the dog shots I take. Dogs are not easy to photograph!

Also, though, winter is not pretty like the other seasons. Poor winter. I promise to take more shots of you this year!


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