52 Mondays #34

52 Mondays 34


The first week of la rentrée, the return to school. I’ve had lessons every morning through August, so I am not feeling the sudden jolt of back-to-schoolness that I am sure many other people are feeling. The evenings are shorter now – it’s dark by 9 and I’m suddenly scrabbling about trying to get the dogs out and walked by 7.30. Soon, it’ll be back to early morning walks and snatched midday breaks. Not such a hardship when it is a little cooler! 

Bit of an Indian summer at the moment – mid 20s – but it is cooler at night. Time to get the chimney swept and the wood in for winter. 

It has been one of those years where you wait and wait for summer to arrive properly, and it never does. That’s okay with me – it has not been wet, just cool. No weeks on end of temperatures fit for lizard kings. We had a few days reach into the 30s but not as many as the last few years. I’ve started to sow some of next year’s perennials. This year has been a garden washout and I hope next year will be a better one. Been a good year for grass and not a lot else. Everything seems a month in advance of where it has been – I think it will be an early and long winter. What joy! 

I’m currently in prune mode, rampaging round the garden with secateurs and hedge-trimmers. There’s a huge beech thicket that needs taking right back down waist height, which will be a lot of fun (and sweat) to do, and there are suckers galore from one of the cherry trees. One day, I might be able to see my garden again. 

My usual Wednesday classes start again tomorrow, back to busy Wednesdays. Feels a long time since the last ones in June. Then it’s the long haul through to Saturday evening. I’m trying my best to keep Sundays work-free, but it is not easy. Sometimes, I think ‘oh, it’s only one lesson’ but it’s often bang slap in the middle of the things I usually do, and I waste the time before in messing about and setting up. Hopefully, I can actually have a day off from time to time!

Now we’re back in the school saddle, feels like time to revive the Wednesday Whoo, or even a feel-good Friday. We will see!


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