52 Mondays #31

Okay – we’re way past the 31st week of the year (isn’t that depressing?) and I’m playing catch-up, so here is 31…


Judging from the colours, it was late in the evening; pretty sure this was the evening that Heston and Amigo chased a deer across three fields. That was Heston’s last shot at freedom for a while! To be fair, I can hardly blame him. That deer was just standing about waiting to be chased. 

That was a busy refuge-y week and the same week that I took long-time refuge veteran Smoke up north to meet his new family. He is worth a post of his own, so I won’t say too much about it. 

I have been pretty busy with new clients, strangely enough. One family are down here from Paris for the summer. Not much of a summer if you ask me – this week doesn’t look like it will get up past 24°, and last week didn’t either. More sun next week though. Feels like early-onset autumn. Guess that is what happens when you don’t have much of a winter. I keep looking at log piles and thinking it’s time to put an order in, and get my chimney swept. That’s how I know I am proper rural French these days. The vines are already losing leaves here. The apples are in and the pears have been and gone. 

I’m also teaching a guy off to Las Vegas with his friends to open a catering business. Visas are all agreed – he just has his language interview to get through. Seems a bit harsh. His English is way better than many people I know. He leaves at the end of September, having had an illustrious career in Paris and Avignon already. He is a patisserie chef and no doubt his macarons will charm the Americans. 

Tomorrow, you might well get this week’s 52 Mondays… if you are lucky!


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