52 Mondays #30

Yes, I am a lot behind. Been a manic two weeks and just catching up. Will be trying to make up in August for all the time I have missed.

This is now 12 days ago…


In fact, I think I took this on the Tuesday. I’d gone out on the Monday evening to take the photo, but a deer disrupted our trip and Heston came back from his chase far too tired to continue any further.

IMG_2493Wouldn’t have been so bad if Mr Seed Pod hadn’t taken off a little friend.


But my little Tilly decided chasing a deer was a much too energetic a pastime and even the thought of it tired her out.

IMG_2500In the end, a very short walk and I ended up going back the following day to take the photo. At the moment, the landscape is changing daily. Crops are harvested, fields are filled with haystacks. The sunflowers are in bloom.





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