52 Mondays #25

Almost mid-way through the year.


It’s evening and morning walks now as it has taken a turn on the temperature dial recently. Last week we had two days of 30° as well as several thunderstorms. Cooler winds now are very welcome!

The marking season has started in full now, and I’m trying to do that crazy thing of squashing everything in at the end of the year. Schools here break up in three weeks’ time, so things should be a little easier after that.

You’d think.

I’ve got a lot of planning underway for events in September and October, before it gets all quiet again here. I’m looking forward to having a couple of weeks’ rest and enjoying my home space a little. I say this and I know I’ll end up doing lots more exam papers. I could do with a week where I can just lie in the sun with my dogs.

Anyway… it’s bedtime. Tomorrow is another big and busy one. Wednesday even more so. Let’s hope you all have a great week too!

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