It’s magic… It’s tragic

It’s Friday already. Friday. How did this happen? I’m in need of more than a shot of caffeine to get me through to Sunday evening, so here is Faith No More with Epic if you need a little musical boost too.

And why wouldn’t this great tune from 1989 give you a kick up the bum to get you through the week? How I love Mike Patton. That man is is Epic himself.

As you can tell, it has been a busy one (and it will be right through to Sunday afternoon, when I will finally get to sit down and exhale. The campaign to help Twilight raise money for dogs’ dinners is going well, but feel free to read and contribute or share or promote in any way you can. I won’t rest until every day is covered. Harold, Sirius’s labrador friend, collapsed and was unable to make it any further; he has now passed over the rainbow bridge. I hope he is keeping an eye on Sirius.

I published the story on Wednesday morning and then came home at 9pm to a series of emails and lovely comments from all kinds of wonderful people, who although unable to contribute themselves, have shared the story for me. I am very happy about that. That is giving me a kick in the rear to motivate me this morning.

Today, it is a morning of sorting and planning before an afternoon of dog walking at the refuge. Another kick in the rear as well. To be fair, I don’t think I’m ever going to find it a chore, even though I come home tired and hot and stinky. My favourite dog ever, Denver (and yes, I would have sold Tilly and Heston to home him!) went to his forever home a couple of months ago and his new family posted some photos of him that made me all weepy with joy – he was lying on the deck, right up close to some unidentified person who is giving him a massive hug. I might want to home all two hundred dogs, but even though I can’t (and even though I know there would be 200 more in the morning!) it is nice when doglets go off to live happy, happy lives. Much happier ones than they’d have had with you, especially if you have 200 other hairy chaps to pet.

Tomorrow is my work-busy day – Saturdays have been like this for the last seven years so I am well-trained. But Sunday I am leading a walk in the forest to raise money for the refuge and to also introduce lovely people to my favourite stretches of the woods. I’m planning on doing another one in September before the hunt season starts, and another one with a mushroom expert (though I might have to tempt her back from the Auvergne where she is now running a B&B!)

But what is really getting me through is the fact that the end is in sight. Kind of. It might be four weeks away, but I can see a break up ahead. Sure, I’ve got four weeks worth of marking to do in between now and then, and a hundred other things to do besides, but in precisely four weeks time, the schools in France break up and the exam season will be over. Whoo! Then I will finally be able to get out and tackle the jungle.

And to get me through my Friday, there are a few things that are helping put the spring in my step… sunny weather, blue skies, Amigo finally being able to get out of his lampshade and stop crashing in to me, turning a heel on my third sock ever knitted, 24 and True Blood restarting, the epic-ness that is Game of Thrones, picnics in the woods and being able to share that with more than just my dogs, curries with friends, being able to finally dig out my shorts… and… most importantly… all those epic people who have donated to Twilight and to other campaigns (one of which I will share next week) and who restore your faith in humanity. As is so often the case, those with the least to give are often the ones who give the most. It is very humbling and it gives me a lot to live up to.

Happy Friday, people. May your weekend bring you sunshine and love.



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