52 Mondays #23


Still under grey skies… feels like a re-run of last year – long, cool spring. With temperatures only in the low 20s, it’s nothing to write home about. I’m kind of enjoying it though – as long as it isn’t raining!

And yes. I am a day late. The fact I have managed 21 out of 23 weeks and I’m still doing this midway through the year – well, that’s something remarkable for me! I have been busier than ever (is that even possible??!) and the last week has gone by in a blur.

Most of the week was spent in various trips to the vet. and in last minute GCSE classes. It was my car the weeks before, and then the vet last week. My recent rescue dog Amigo was booked in for his man-bits to be removed (and not before time, I hasten to add!) Not sure if it will make any difference to his behaviour – he’s still a grump around my young and handsome dog Heston, but other than the occasional ‘you are in my space, you bouncy villain!’ barks and grumbles, they roll along pretty well. In fact, they are less than a metre away from each other, snoring, right now. Not all bad. Amigo’s boy-bits operation went okay – though his cone is driving both of us mental. He bumps into stuff – usually me. I’m tired of his cone. I think he is making me suffer because he is.

Another week to go.

Tuesday, after I’d dropped him off and spent the morning doing deliveries, I went for a walk with the woofers from Mornac. It was a photo opportunity day and we were all in our finest outfits. A lady had come down to foster one of the dogs and he has subsequently found a home – which I am made up about. And I had to get a few photos of a big old beautiful labrador. I’m quite enjoying taking dog photos for the refuge, although I have to say that dogs are not always easy to photograph. It rained on and off though we managed to get together for the group photograph at the end of the day – the refuge has got a really great free advertising spot in a prestigious local publication and we needed a photo! Plus, I got to spend the afternoon with my friends and with dogs. There is no better way to spend an afternoon, if you ask me.

Wednesday was my usual busy teaching day – and I got home at seven ready to put my feet up, but came back to a pool of poo and blood and urine and vomit. I thought it was Amigo at first, since he was only so recently at the vet’s, but he has been sleeping in the dining room and the door was still closed. Both Tilly and Heston seemed okay – but there was blood literally all over the floor. I was guessing Tilly – though in retrospect, I have no idea why. I rang the vet straight away – I love my vet with my whole heart. Not only does his surgery do a lot at the refuge, but he genuinely cares about the animals. He thought Tilly would be okay – possibly a cyst, he said, or a kidney stone. Or something else. But bring her in first thing in the morning. If it got worse or her urine went from rosé to rouge, give him a call. As it was, she spent the night trying to pee, or peeing bits. I spent the night worrying.

I slept on the couch on Wednesday night – Tilly was trying to go to the toilet every 30 minutes or so and Amigo was bashing about in his helmet. I left the door open, curled up in a blanket and hoped it wouldn’t be too bad. I hate worrying about animals – there’s nothing you can do and it makes no difference if you worry or not.

Thursday was Ascension, a bank holiday in France. Tilly was at the vet’s, then having an ultrasound scan. She’s only nine – that is quite a good age for a pedigree dog, I know, but nine doesn’t seem long enough, especially since only four of those have been with me. Ten seems to be a good age for an American cocker. It is the same age Tilly’s companion cocker died, three years ago. It’s also the same age a couple of my friends’ American cockers have died. Though Jack couldn’t see anything on Thursday, he wanted us back on Friday so that he could run all the tests. Another night on the sofa.

Friday – back to the vet’s. And meetings for Les Dames de FER. I have to say, I am pretty excited. This network of women’s businesses in rural France was started up a year last February and now it runs training events, showcasing, network events, social events… it’s going from strength to strength. It was nice to sit and think business, and not have to think dog for two hours! I picked Tilly up and we had a big snog in the car. She might be a silly little dog, but she is my sweetheart. I love her with my whole heart. Her little waggy bum is just about the nicest thing in my day.

Saturday, the usual, work and work and work!

Sunday I had the morning off and I took Heston out on a big walk in the forest to plan out a walk I am doing to raise funds for the refuge. Twenty people,and their dogs will be joining me for a walk and a picnic in my favourite bit of the forest. Heston and I went to check the walks were all okay and the paths not too overgrown. Lots of gorgeous wildflowers and a really nice morning. It’s only the second walk Heston and I have ever been on on our own, though I take him out for a bike ride every day if I can (me on the bike, him on the ground, naturally) I walked him Thursday on his own as well – he doesn’t seem to care much. It’s not the same as a walk with Tilly, though. His bum doesn’t wiggle in the same way.

As for yesterday – well, I have to start in the garden! I made a bit of a start and let’s hope there is SOME dry weather on the way!


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