52 Mondays #22


Where have two weeks gone? Two full weeks!

So what have I done in two weeks? I can barely remember.

  • Took an old doglet to the home for old dogs and saw him settle in with his new friend Harold. Spent the day with lovely, lovely people and cried lots of tears into dogs’ fur. IMG_0857
  • Helped set up some books at the most epic Hope booksale in Clussais La Pommerie. You have no idea how many people came to support the Hope Association at the weekend, but suffice to say the three days’ setting up before make it run more smoothly. I wouldn’t be surprised if half a million books were for sale. (I’m at the bottom on this photo, with another famous local blogger… We were out in force at the booksale, with Chris from Wildlife in France and Mrs French Village Diaries herself. All the best people are at the Hope booksale!)hope
  • Had a problem with my brakes and spent far too much time sitting in the garage looking at tyres. I don’t have a photo of that.
  • Taught several dozen extra lessons in preparation for GCSE exams and IGCSE. And A level and Baccalaureat. I don’t have a photo of that either.
  • Managed to squash in some of my own dog walks alongside those of the refuge.
  • Led a training session for Les Dames de FER on social media at a very fabulous 1930s-style B&B, complete with very wonderful guests. la belle epoque
  • Hauled arse back up to the booksale to help sort books out on the Sunday, then hauled arse back down the motorway to go and teach.
  • Managed to get some great (well, heart-breaking!) photos of dogs in at the refuge to help publicise them and find them homes. chance3
  • Started delivering some of my bi-monthly magazines.
  • Eaten a lot of Cadbury’s Creme Eggs.
  • Eaten a fair bit of tiffin.
  • Drank a lot of tea.
  • Thought of at least 15 ways to support local charities – campaigns to come soon!
  • Planned a woodland walk and picnic in aid of the dog refuge.
  • Tired myself out completely.

And finally, suffered on my first proper day off with a cold, and I am very disappointed by that.

The weather here has not done much by way of brightening up. It’s not much different from last year in terms of temperatures. It has rained so much over the last couple of days that the river is now full again and almost at the point of breaking its banks. I am very tired of this. It’s nearly June and it’s still low 20s. Looks like it will be another short summer.


Funny to be walking the dogs in temperatures which are not markedly different than January’s!

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