52 Mondays #20


A wet and yuck and cool and squally walk. Météo said no rain. They lied.

This week is perhaps the busiest of my year so far. Lots of exams coming up. Lots of other things on as well. Today, I get to take Sirius, a dog at the refuge, to his retirement home. Tomorrow, helping to set up books for the huge Hope Association book sale. Usual crazy classes Wednesday and Thursday, and then I’m running a training course on Friday.

Obviously not enough else to do!!

So I’m hoping the weather picks up and I don’t have to get my coat and hat out for some really early morning walks this week. Give me five weeks til midway through the year and I will be on a downward run – those kind of crazy free-for-all runs where you are all out of control. Dare I plan a week off in early July? I don’t know what I’d even do with myself!

Hopefully your week will be a little less hectic than mine. I’m not complaining though. I love it busy.


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