52 Mondays #18

A third of the way through the year. Blimey.


I realised this is not the same angle as usual and there is more of the path and less of the sky. Oh well. I was trying to wield both camera and dogs and it wasn’t happening. Usually, I let both of them off by this point as we are past the cow field which Tilly likes to eat from (and will not listen when I call her, just chomps on cow pats) as she happily wanders between the feet of a couple of dozen bemused cows looking for fresh fodder. Heston is usually not interested in a chase until the return leg when I put him back on the lead. However, tonight, someone was coming up behind me with a barky little terrier and I thought I’d better be safe than sorry.

It’s been another wet and wild and cloudy week with dry bits in between.  Things are growing like mental and yet the rain has put me off any serious gardening. I despair of ever being able to get out into my vegetable garden though I have got things begging to go in. However, it is gearing up to silly season – GCSEs and A levels and Baccalaureates and this morning I realised that I had inadvertently signed myself up for another 10 week Coursera course about the brain. Because I don’t have enough to do. Bang goes my television evening time and hello to swotting up about the cerebellum and the spinal cord. I am pretending to moan. I could back out of it at any time. I love a bit of learning, as you well know. Plus, I got a bit heavy on the evening television last week and watched all of Those Who Kill with Chloe Sevigny (excellent) and all of True Detective with Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey (also excellent) so I could do with a bit of focus.

Tomorrow is another busy one though my usual crazy Wednesdays are one lesson this week – followed by a full day off! I decided last year that I was not working public holidays and so I’m off to scoot around a local car boot sale and look for bargains,  monstrosities and amusements. I might take Amigo. He looks as if he would enjoy a bit of a rummage. Heston would bark at everything (he did once spend an evening getting upset by a sieve) and Tilly would be bored when she realised there was no food to be had beyond the token sausage van. Let’s face it, there’s little else to do except rummage on a bank holiday. I’ve not been to a car boot sale for a year and it’s about time I got my tatty old junk fix. Hopefully the weather will brighten up a little. I’m still in jumpers here and wondering if we’ve got another two months of wetness to endure like last year.

As I turned around this evening, though, it was the field behind me which gave me the most joy. It felt like the sun was returning, if only a little. This time last night, my power went out for a good five minutes – long enough to send me seeking out candles and matches. It just came back on as I found them. And then later, I took my book to bed only for the light to go just as I got in. Sometimes, the world tells you to go to sleep.


April has not been a bad month. It hasn’t been brilliant, but there hasn’t been a frost, it has been relatively warm and plenty wet. Here’s hoping for a good fruit season.

Here’s April for you …




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