52 Mondays #17


I know. I missed 16. Ah well. You can see now as things start to change colour – before it was all just a homogeneous green but now the lime-green and the dark green are much more obvious. Makes a change from everything else, which is acid-yellow right now.


Photogenic as the fields of rape may be, they are not gentle or kind on either the eyes or the nose. That said, I must have 100 photos of various fields around me. A couple of weeks ago, a visitor remarked that in many other places, the tree in my 52 Mondays photo would have been ripped up to allow better, more continuous planting, and whilst I think there are lots of coppices and copses, I’ve been reading a local environmentalist and beekeeper’s blog about changing landscapes here in France, where he says the crop planting is significantly different now than thirty years ago. I’d be sad if the copses and coppices disappeared – although I suspect they will not, given the local dependence on firewood and love of hunting.

Although there are not many stretches on my walks that are devoid of hedgerows, the hedges are my favourite bits. At the moment, the clover is flowering and there are copious daisies, both tiny ones and ox-eye daisies.

It is much more gentle than the gaudy show of rapeseed, on the whole.

IMG_0772 IMG_0780IMG_0764



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