Nothing to lose

I’m obviously stuck in an 80s post-punk groove, because here’s Billy Idol to get you over the hump with Dancing With Myself. 

He looks so young here.

This reminds me of spin classes at the gym about ten years ago. It was on a loop as part of the set in the class and it still makes me want to get on my bike. I was so crazy I used to go to the 6.30am class before work and then do another one on the way home.

So what is getting me over the Wednesday blues this week and turning them to Wednesday Whoos?

Not the beautiful golden fields of rapeseed, that’s for sure. I’m not one for allergies, but this morning on my walk, I could barely see by the end of it! One anti-histamine later and I feel all ‘Whoo!’ again, (if a tired and sleepy whoo!) although my contact lenses are all freaked out by the pollen.

So it’s not all good. But two things that are connected by the two times of this song are certainly helping give me a bit of a mid-week buzz. A friend from the 80s who is stopping off on his trans-continental trip down to Morocco. He’s currently up in Le Havre and working his way down here on a 125cc ex-pizza delivery motorbike. Some people are nothing short of great ideas. He was over here last year as part of a very brief tour of France, and this time is taking a little longer. He still owes me a copy of Def Leppard’s Hysteria and a copy of Erasure’s Circus. I think a thirty-year loan is taking the mick. Banks would get flustered by that.

And the other friend connected to this is a friend who I met eleven years ago (where did the time go??) who saw me through some very difficult times. Her smiley face was one of the only reasons to go in to work some days, and she and I have had some great moments together. She’s a biology teacher cum teacher trainer and she once made me be the tail of a sperm. Not only did she reinvigorate my teaching, but she was an absolute rock. Not only that, I only have to say ‘Is that Workforce Reform?’ and she is in stitches, and she only has to say ‘paper knickers’ and I am in stitches. We lost touch when I moved out here and now that she is back in my life, I am one happy lady. I miss those days of working with her.

Anyway, here’s to the friends who get you through the mid-week blues, be they old or new.



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