52 Mondays #14


Bit of a grey and windy one yesterday – though warmer. The blue skies of two weeks ago seem very far away.

It is the end of March and we go into April with grey skies. No frosts though, and it feels unlikely that there will be one; even in the blue days earlier in the year, the night time temperatures did not drop that significantly.

This week is another busy one. It’s starting to get to the point where I am looking forward to the holidays and to having some time off. This is the first time in years I have felt like I need a break – yesterday was my first day off without clients for weeks and boy did I need it! No break for holidays here though until 19th April, so just need to take a deep breath and get through it! Ironically, it is my English clients in the UK who are adding substantially to my work load – it is their holidays and I have a couple of students who are desperate to cram as much in as they can. It does seem that French students are much better at balancing their workload and although the Brevet and Baccalaureate approach, they are so used to tests and evaluations that it feels much less stressful.



The crops round here are all shooting up, the rapeseed is in flower and I’m just waiting for blue skies to capture the striking yellow landscape at its best. This week, at least, it looks like a week of 98% cloud cover.


3 thoughts on “52 Mondays #14

  1. nothing is sprouting here. love the little tree. over here that tre would cost the farmer $.25. a whole quarter. the tree would have to go. i’m serious.

    do you folks see the international space station? google “spot the station”. 6:26 local time. well you know “crazy in the country”. hummingbirds coming, putting out feeders today.

    peaceup raz

    1. We have lots of little parcels of trees and undergrowth. One thing farmers like more than farming… shooting stuff. I’m joking a little – no, I have always liked the commitment to variety and variation. I think so many people coppice wood that it is partly for that as well (not this single tree, obviously!) I’m a big fan of sentinel trees though.

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