52 Mondays #13


Can you believe it is a quarter of the way through the year? It feels like it has flown by. I wish time would slow down a bit, or else I could make a clone of myself. It is definitely spring here right now – and the trees are in blossom everywhere. Right now, it is sloe blossom, and everything is white around here. The water has finally receded in my garden and the gardening year can begin in full. It is time to rake seedbeds, to plant seeds outside. My lean-to is filled with tender babies who will stay inside until the risk of frost is long gone, but I can get on with other things outside that don’t mind the occasional cold night.

IMG_0522The peaches have blossomed. The plums are beginning to flower. I noticed yesterday that my quince and pear are heavy with buds as well.

IMG_0545The forsythia is now well past its best.

As I open my shutters in the morning, this is the view that greets me.

IMG_0556The week is returning to more typical spring-like weather here – more up and down, more rain, more showers. That is okay with me. As long as the sun comes back eventually.

This week is a mad, busy week. I have new clients starting on Mondays and Tuesdays, and GCSE panic has set in for a couple of my UK-based students whose mock exam results weren’t as good as they wanted. This week will mark the peak of my number of lessons. Luckily, I finished my writing projects and tasks this weekend and so all I have to do is get through til next Saturday evening. Next week is less hectic. Or, it seems so at first glance. I have also my first meeting as a newly-elected member of the ‘bureau’ for Les Dames de FER, as I am now membership secretary and this entails a few more weekly tasks. It feels funny to be still marketing right in among the most busy of my weeks – last Friday I managed to stop in on a ‘virtual’ showcasing set up by a couple of local ladies – and it really was a hive of activity. Less Dames de FER (Iron ladies, if you will), more Dames de FAIRE (ladies who ‘do’) or even Dames d’Affaires (ladies of business). Between bureau meetings, lessons, deliveries, planting, writing, dog walking and generally trying to find a little space for me, I think it is forecast to be the busiest week of my year so far. I think Saturday will come round very quickly indeed.

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