Feeling the moment slip away

Last Saturday was St David’s Day, so I’m having an appropriately Welsh Wednesday Whoo today with Feeder and Feeling The Moment.

Wales is always that country I end up explaining in English lessons because my French students don’t really know where it is or anything about it. I have a particularly great postcard of the Welsh rugby union team that I like to bring to my lessons about Wales, and couple that with the arguably the best flag in the world, Wales really does rock. Let’s have a bit of Wednesday from the valleys today…

The second coolest flag, by the way, is Albania…

It’s always the little countries with the big hearts that have the best flags. The Union Jack is so ‘meh’ and even the England St George cross is a bit ‘meh’.

Number three favourite flag would be Brazil, I think. I am a fan of unusual flags. You always know where you are when there is an unusual flag. I think you’ll agree that if you had a dragon on your national flag, you’d feel a bit more fiery of a morning.

So what else is there to love about Wales? Well, what is there not to love? The words, for a start. I had a Welsh-speaking boyfriend once who thought it hilarious to make me say Welsh town names and Welsh words. It’s not an easy language to get your mouth around. Other than that, Welsh stuff is definitely the kind of stuff to make you feel a little brighter midweek. Like my favourite book about Wales, On The Black Hill by Bruce Chatwin. It’s kind of set on the border between England and Wales, but it’s very Welsh. It’s not got much of a plot to speak of, but it is a favourite of mine. Favourite Welsh bands would probably be the Manic Street Preachers or Feeder though there is a special place in my heart for Velvet Underground frontman John Cale. Wales is known for its choirs and choral singing, though that’s not so much my cup of tea. And my favourite Welsh poet? Owen Sheers. No contest.

However, there is a very lovely Welsh Dragon of whom I am particularly fond, our own Curly Sue. She twerked me in church and that’s all I need to say about this lady. That and she did it for pure devilment and also to cheer me up. A Sue Twerk is the best way to put a whoo in your day. You probably might also need to know that she does amazing and great things, cares hugely about all kinds of creatures, is at risk of being the person who gets locked in the cat refuge at night and always convinces me to take another couple of dogs out when we go on our usual walks at the refuge. She also has exceptionally good taste in both men and music. She likes gardening and books and she hates the word moist. She reminds me a little of me. Loving the Sue.

Anyway, Happy Hump Day to you. The week is all downhill from here. Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Feeling the moment slip away

  1. Thanks, Emma.
    As a Welsh teacher living in England, but soon to be retired and living more in France, I’ve enjoyed your focus on Wales. Never read the book or read the poetry, but they’ve been added to the list!! My favourite flowers are daffodils as they always signal the beginning of spring. I’ve also got everything crossed in preparation for the match on Saturday, at Twickenham…

  2. Looove Wales… one of my best friends from school is half Welsh, half Taiwanese (yep!) so we laugh about Welsh with a Chinese accent 😉 My other best friend goes there whenever she can, north south east and west, while our mad old schoolmate who is a language genius has added Welsh to his repertoire (accent-free, no less :o) so I’m really jealous!

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