Resolutions: February 2014

As you might remember, I set myself a list of crafty or creative tasks that I was going to work through this year. Normally, it must be said that most resolutions have long since died by the time it gets to March 1st.

#1 is complete: knitting a Christmas tree bauble



And #2, which has been my February project is half complete: knit some socks

sock2I have knitted one. The trouble with socks is that you might want to make changes or adjustments to them for the second sock (I wanted to rib the top of the foot bit as well as the cuff) but you have to do the same thing with the second sock. I even sewed up the toes and everything. It is very like me to almost finish things and then never finish it properly – like I have done with the ball as I am waiting for some ribbon to use to hang it with, but I’ve not been able to make it to my usual haberdasheries as February – like the rest of my months – is a busy one too. But I am super-pleased with the result and have to thank a lovely lady who showed me how to turn a heel and gave me her knitting pattern that was virtually idiot-proof. Two knitting projects I never thought I would ever be of a standard to achieve!

#3 is ongoing – to plant 6 seeds each day through February and March. I have got quite a busy little greenhouse in my lean-to right now. Parsley, sweet peas, marguerites, cabbage, cauliflower, leeks, tomatoes. It is still too wet to plant outside. I need a couple of days with no rain. The river through my garden (not a joke. It is an actual river with an actual name) which is usually underground is STILL above ground almost a month on.

#4 is my 52 Mondays project.

52MondaysFebruary Although I confess I am behind a week for a Wednesday Whoo. Seems like the more I need one, the less incentive I have to write one.

I’m not sure what I will do when I have finished my second sock – the first one took me long enough but I haven’t been very focused. I think I might knit the pattern pair and see how I get on with those. Once it gets a little warmer, it may be time to dig out the sewing machine to start the sewing projects. Plus, it will give my hands a rest. Between the dog walks and the knitting, I reckon I have pulled a muscle in my hand! That’s an injury to sustain, isn’t it? A knitting-related cramp!


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