52 Mondays #9

52Mondays9More blue skies yesterday, though rain is predicted all week. Not much sign of it warming up – still 11° most days and not much variation.

It’s been a rainbow of weeks. Rain clouds, heavens opening, then sunshine. I’ve still got the remnants of a river, though each time Heston comes back in from the garden, he smells more and more like bilgewater, so I guess the water is receding. It certainly isn’t running across the road any more, though the fields are still flooded and my garden is still under running water.

Here’s February for you

52MondaysFebruaryI love how the skies get bluer. I know there will be grey Mondays before summer finally arrives, but it is looking brighter all the time. Last year, the grey Mondays probably lasted all the way through until June.

This week I have a lighter schedule as it is the school holidays here for two weeks – a little less busy than usual and a little more time to spend preparing the house for the spring. I’d like to get a little painting done and spend an extra afternoon down at the animal refuge. Hopefully the weather will oblige. Tomorrow I’m going to pick up some more perennial seeds at the garden centre near me. I might also have a little look for a couple of shrubs to plant. We’ll see. My mission here will not be successful until I have a mountain of colour and foliage.



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