52 Mondays #8

It has been wet and wild here this last week, though we have only caught the tail-end of storms blowing over from the UK. It got to that point where I wondered where the sunshine had gone to and wanted just a little change of scene. Luckily, the weather obliged…

52Mondays8The path normally serves as a rainwater conduit, so the fact that it is dry says something. There is also a runoff pipe under the path which forms a stream along the bottom of this slight valley – all dry today.

Unfortunately, my garden is not so. It is still under water. My over-wintered onions, leeks and sprouts all have four or five inches of water around them, and everything is squelchy. Oh well.

I’m well on with my indoor planting – this mild weather is bringing things up easily. I can’t believe it’s so far into the year already. Time goes by so very quickly. Today I have got some more brassicas to put out – cabbage, cauliflower, kale, sprouts. I’d thought about putting some aubergines in the propagator, but I’ve pretty much convinced myself to pick up four or five plants rather than try to grow them myself from seed. They take so long to germinate and get going. What with the squelching and the mud and the water, there is not so much to be done outside. Let’s hope the rain holds off.

I’ve already taken my dogs out today (you can see them down the track in the picture… bless… The Moog and the Littlest Hobo.) The Moog, by the way, was a stupid dog in Willo The Wisp. Here is The Moog.

Tilly even runs like The Moog. Poor Tilly. She doesn’t think of much except food and bad smells.

This afternoon, I’m going to go down to the refuge and walk some of the woofers there. Hopefully, the mud alley that we usually walk along will be a little bit less moist. I have visions of being pulled along by some huge dog and sliding on my bum through all the mud. I’m pretty sure that it is an inevitability.

Hopefully, you are having a little break in the weather too.


5 thoughts on “52 Mondays #8

  1. I was all set for a nice walk with blue skies like that and then I blinked – now greyness is descending again. Sigh. But temps for tomorrow are looking ridiculous for February in some of the valleys: 16°C??? Winter needn’t bother any more if it can’t be bothered to get here by mid-February, if you ask me!

  2. I think you are wise with the aubergines I have never had any success with seeds, they sprout and then wither! It has been a great spring day here in Braye, lets hope it continues. Your vision would make an excellent post especially if your mud is as good as the mud round here!!!!! C

  3. I hope you had a good walk with the woofers.
    Here the weather has been quite sunny since the beginning of February (today is the exception) but the accumulated snow is at least 2 feet high in the fields. It has started to melt though. Normally it is gone by the end of March but this year we had so much, it might be different. In fact. our climate is not great from a gardening point of view. Within a couple of weeks we go from winter to summer. The transition is very quick.

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