If I asked you would you stop me from falling?

My final Wednesday Whoo catch-up is a little dance tune called Elysium (I go crazy) which is just about as energy filled as you can probably cope with on a Friday evening.

Probably you think this is an unusual track for me, but it brings back so many memories. Around 2006, I was so into running and I’d go on huge runs – usually between 15km and 20km at the weekend, though sometimes longer. My life revolved around the gym and if somebody had found me a bed in there, I’d probably have taken it. Usually, I’d go straight after work, and sometimes before. Spin classes started at 6.30am and the last fitness classes finished at 9pm, though the gym was open til 11pm. I did love that life. Sadly, shin splints and foot pain gave way to more serious complaints.

Now this world is my gym instead.

skyOn either Monday or Friday I take the dogs for a longer walk. I can’t do it any other days because of the way my classes fall. We’ve taken to going down the new path across the basin of the river that runs through my garden. It’s a small descent then a long straight, then a small ascent, a huge descent and then a gradual ascent and it goes through woodland. It’s my favourite walk because at two points you are on top of the world, looking down over the valley. It looks a long way from one point to the other, and as we walk it, it is 4km. We don’t go direct though.

IMG_0423If I could choose any place to build a house, I would build it up here, with huge windows on all sides.

The river is still in full flow – lots of rain predicted for tomorrow – and instead of watching sweaty fat men and whip-thin muscular women do their paces on the spin bikes, I get to watch Heston and Tilly playing in the water. Both love the wet.

IMG_0411Tilly loves to wade through the water and often goes in much deeper than I’d like. I have visions of her getting swept away.

IMG_0414Heston just gallops up and down through the sodden fields and loves every minute of splashing around.

It’s a big change from that gym world I loved so much, but blue skies, heavy showers, wet dogs and vestigial rivers are what my soul was aching for all along.

gorse2And I never need high energy dance tracks to get me through, though I admit, I was flagging by the end of today’s walk!







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