She’s got it coming

Wednesday Whoo on a Thursday – you’d think I need it after a 12 hour day yesterday. Here’s the marvellously moustached Beatles with Get Back. 

It was a blowy, cold day yesterday and I seemed to spend the day in various stages of being cold. That’s the problems with winter skype lessons. I need to have jumping jack breaks to stop my blood running cold. I ran the gamut from phase 2 phonics (yesterday was d, g, o and c) through to GCSE English Literature. Did you know that ‘alone’, ‘lonely’ and ‘loneliness’ appear almost twenty times in Of Mice and Men and ‘happiness’ appears only once? There’s your useless fact of the day.

I think, by the time I die, I will be able to read Of Mice and Men without the book. That and Macbeth. I get echoes of Macbeth constantly. I don’t know why, of all the plays, it is this one that I have picked up the most. I must have taught The Taming of the Shrew as many times.

Today, my teaching schedule is much lighter and I’m planning on an afternoon walk as long as the weather holds up. I was going to have a bit of a snooze but old woofers and noisy parrots have other ideas, so I think it will be an early night. There is a storm warning from Meteo France – 120kph winds and buckets of rain. The river through my garden looked as if it was easing up, but I’m sure, come Saturday, it will be back where it was.

The things getting me through this cold and miserable February day are my lovely friends of course. Nothing better than living here when so many people are so caring and kind. And funny. Laughs are sometimes thin on the ground, but my ladies do me so much good, bringing me smiles and laughter and love. They even bring me roast dinners and present me with meals when I step in through the door. I hope their husbands appreciate what lucky men they are. Whether it’s big hugs down at the SPA and cake from dog lovers, ladies who send me funny knitting patterns, ladies who get all frenzied in craft shops and then give me their left-overs, or it is someone turning up with roast potatoes and a crêpe pan, or laughs with Mrs Rachel over things that boys say, I know I couldn’t live here without so many lovelies. If I didn’t have them, I’d certainly have to get back to where I once came from. I love you ladies ♥


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