Hazy cosmic jive

My usual Wednesday Whoo – and I’m still playing catch-up. Here’s David Bowie with Starman for you to give you a bit of a Wednesday lift.

A song from the year of my birth that reminds me of being thirteen and discovering music myself. David Bowie’s early stuff was always something that I thought my other friends weren’t quite so interested in – so it was something I usually listened to on my own. It gives me a little reminder of the thirteen-year-old me in ways that little other music does.

If yesterday was my crafty love, today is my doggie love. I’m dog sitting for a friend. By all accounts, it should be kind of complicated. Five spaces. Six dogs. One on heat. Three intact males. One old codger dog. It’s like that puzzle about the fox and the hen and the grain. Tilly has just remembered that the parrots are birds and she likes birds. More importantly, she likes to make birds fly out of bushes. So right now, she is sitting right next to the parrot cage grumbling at the parrots, who are teasing her. Heston and his brother are playing tug of war with a rubber moustache. The old codger is asleep.

Now my dogs are a lot of work. It’s lovely work involving walks and training but it’s still not the same as having a cat. However, Tilly wins hearts wherever she goes and Heston is every boy’s favourite football-playing dog. He still barks at people and she still barks if he barks, but they are definitely my dogs and mostly they know what is acceptable and what is not. When everything gets too much for me and I need a boost, I only have to look at my walking boots and Heston gets excited. Like small children, dogs are so dependent on routines that they don’t really understand those things that disrupt your equilibrium. To that end, dogs are fantastic at reminding you of your regular responsibilities. And seeing Heston leaping through the river and through the flooded fields never fails to make me forget my troubles.

On Monday, I went back to the animal refuge near me. I’d not been for a month and it was good to see that one of my favourites, Bounty, had been rehomed. To see other dogs that I have walked often is just so nice. They are so happy to see you. It was extra-nice to see so many friendly human faces, especially lovely ladies who give you big hugs and moist cake. We walked a huge boy, a Beauceron cross who was more of a horse than a dog, but he was so gentle. I walked a rottie, Eron, that Madame V and I walked a while back with Bounty, the setter. You get to know all the dogs and it’s nice to spend time with dogs who are so appreciative of you. I walked a hound, Elle, but her little friend wouldn’t come out of his kennel. I got a bit told off for only taking Elle, so I went back and coaxed her friend out – took five minutes to get him to come anywhere near me, but he was such a sweetie when I did get him out that I was very glad I did.

Anyway, today is a little quieter than yesterday and I am hoping to get some time with my own woofers on a walk this afternoon. The weather has been so unpredictable, who can tell what this afternoon will bring?


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