52 Mondays #6

52Mondays6As you can see, the path is wet and there is a stream of sorts at the lowest part of the field. Everything is sodden here. My garden is back under water, the Bellonne river is running across the road as the conduit under the road can no longer cope with it. The Tardoire had receded a little over the weekend, but a wild and wet Saturday filled it right up again.

I’ve started to plant up a few things under glass. I was only just discussing last year’s impossibly late frost (May) which meant that, effectively, the year lost a month of summer and gained a month of spring. I had far fewer summer vegetables and often, courgettes, melons, gherkins and cucumbers just rotted on the ground in the summer storms. I had nothing but male flowers as well for weeks on end. So far, I’ve put some cauliflower and red cabbage seeds in pots under glass. I have a few tomatoes in the electric propagator – definitely looking for more plum tomatoes last year. Can’t believe I am so far behind in terms of planning, but a lot has happened these last couple of weeks and everything else in my life took a back seat.

To that end, I’m going to try to do a Wednesday catch-up Whoo tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday too. I need some cheer!



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