52 Mondays #4

52Mondays4A little late. A little dark. A little dreary. It’s been a mild January and I’m reminded that this time last winter, we were under water, and the winter before, under snow.

DSCF3167The field across the road looked like this in 2013 as the Tardoire river could not cope with the rainfall. The year before, it was three weeks of this:

426481_10150550981498141_1538633486_nI wonder what this February will bring? Rain? Snow? Either way, I’m sure it will be unpredictable.

I’m sorry for the hiatus, lovely readers.



4 thoughts on “52 Mondays #4

  1. In a few days we are going back to Ontario and the -20 temperatures they have had for over a month now. I can’t say that we are looking forward to it, especially since the last 10 days here, in Victoria B.C. have been very sunny.

  2. Perhaps it’s better that we don’t know what’s coming! At the moment we are measuring up for our Ark. The question is do we really want two of every creature with us? I suspect not!

    1. The Tardoire burst its banks yesterday, following other, smaller rivers… very likely it’ll get worse too! Can you set sail for me in your ark? There is only one of me 🙂

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