52 Mondays #3

52Mondays3It was really bright yesterday when I went out along this track, but I was surrounded by hunters. I do feel like telling them that I walk down this path precisely because there is zero game. Heston is off like a rocket when there is anything worth chasing, from swallows to wild boar, and there is nothing worth chasing here. It is always a little disconcerting walking when there is gunfire on all sides of you, but I figure I can pretty much see anything moving over a couple of kilometres out here and not even the best snipers have that kind of range.

I had, though, forgotten to put the memory card in the camera – duh! – and thus ended up linking in to the walk today. You can see my shadow in the corner – it was late and the sun was low. It has been remarkably mild so far this January and I’m waiting for winter to arrive. Last year, we had a mid-winter false alarm and then it got all cold and wet and rainy. In fact, this photo was taken almost to the day this time last year.

DSCF3118We don’t go down this path so often any more. The farmer next door to my friend has three dogs out loose and it’s just a drama to get past them. Not only that, but this path drives Heston bonkers. Hunters, take note.

We have had a couple of nice days last week – up to 16°C – and it’s really weird. It’s like the lull before the storm. It’s been putting me off enjoying it, so I’ve given in and got out in the garden regardless, starting to tidy up. How glad am I that the winter garden takes so little effort?

I wonder if next week’s shot will be under snow? I guess anything goes in the middle of January!




4 thoughts on “52 Mondays #3

    1. It has done that the last couple of years – lost my entire fruit harvest bar plums the year before last. We really are at the mercy of the weather here.

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