52 Mondays – 06 January 2014

52MondaysJan2I realised this one has a completely different focus than the previous one! Still… you get the picture! Wonder if I will ever get two that match up?

As you can tell, it is still very grey and wet. It’s very mild, which is good, but definitely no good for drying washing on the line! Yesterday, I had to wait for a break in the clouds after a downpour. Another bath for Tilly when we got back. She spends more time in the shower than I do.

Last January was totally soaked out – the Tardoire broke its banks; the Bellonne, which runs through my garden in very wet times, flooded my garden for three weeks. The Bellonne is mostly underground, running down via most of my favourite walks to the Tardoire, some 150 metres from my house. The Tardoire too is mostly underground, but has been steady ever since October, which I’d say is about right. It disappeared very late last year. The year I arrived, it was gone by April. The year after by March. This year, it was still there in June. You’d think the water tables were being a little replenished. Having said that, the reservoir lakes about 30km from here, are incredibly low.

From a crisp mid January last year, we then had snow, which turned to rain, which turned to floods. I wonder what this January will bring?


2 thoughts on “52 Mondays – 06 January 2014

  1. You talk about drying washing on the line. No doubt I am sure you never had an opportunity to dry clothes on a line when it is very cold outside (let us say – 10C). First of all, very cold days are normally sunny. You hang the clothes and within minutes they freeze solid but the frost takes out most of the humidity. When you take them down, they are stiff and you try not to bend them too much as it is not supposed to be good for the fiber (not that I have ever seen any damage or problem). You take them in and, once they have “thawed”, they are just about dry and the nice fresh smell is much stronger than in summer.
    It is unlikely that this knowledge will ever be of any use to you, unless with global warming the Gulf Stream ever stops!!!!

    1. Yeah, not sure if I prefer the rain or the cold! Not any competition. We’ve had a few weeks of -15°C a couple of years ago, but comparatively balmy and moist winters are usually the norm.

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