The year that was…

Busy. Busy. Busy.

Green and wet and cold and miserable in January.

DSCF3148Then it got wetter and greener in February

DSCF3163By March it was frosty and cold

dscf3236.jpgSpring started late and April was cooler than usual though it ended with a little flourish

DSCF3269May… late, late frosts and the sun came out a little

hestonaprilJune was mainly cold and miserable. I still had my electric blanket on on the 25th June. But there were lovely days between.

junewheatfieldLJJuly got hot and blue and sunny. One day it was 18°C and the next, 27°C. And the temperatures stayed that way til August.

IMG_0691August was a little more relaxing – though we had storms at the tail end of July and the beginning of August that knocked out the electricity, brought down trees and ruined crops.



By September, it seemed the year had reset itself, and it was back to long days and the beginning of a warm autumn.

IMG_0746October did what October should: usher in the cod without frightening you.

3November was moist. The river returned and the forest was damp.


December crisped up perfectly

IMG_0102Tomorrow, I will be looking back over all the things I’ve done (and not done!) this year. I love this period of taking stock, of reflecting. There’s something infinitely satisfying about seeing how things worked out.








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