I’m not lost

Today’s Much Love Monday is brought to you by the title track from James Morrison’s debut album Undiscovered.

Boy, that man can sing.

10 July 2006. This album was released, and The Guillemots released Through the Windowpane –  very good day indeed for music.

Anyway, I am hoping you can forgive me for my blog absence. I’m 37,000 words into my NaNoWriMo novel and desperately hoping I can write 3000 words a day to get me to the deadline. Unfortunately, it is not going to be a completed thing on 30th November, as I reckon it will be half-written (and most novels come in at around 80,000 – 120,000 words) but it’s a start. I’m really enjoying writing it, which is great. I was struggling for ideas that wouldn’t come right at the beginning. It’s a post-apocalyptic quest to topple the global empires. It wasn’t very much of anything at first. Now it has a plot and an ending. It even has characters – which it didn’t at first. However, it’s been a bit of research too, in the name of accuracy, like how best to kill and skin a rabbit. Because what post-apocalyptic character doesn’t need to know how to do that?

Unfortunately, I’ll be hard at it in every spare moment to meet the deadline. If I miss it, tant pis pour moi. I have other deadlines and other tasks to get through which have to take precedence of course. And the dog walking, in the bitter cold, is about the only thing I can manage this week besides work.

I have, though, finished one of my craft projects – a new bobble hat. Heston ate my favourite pink hat, which I am wearing in this photo in Morocco.

midelt 1


It was a fluffy pink Kangol angora one and I loved it. It now has a Heston hole in it. That dog is lucky he doesn’t have a me-sized hole in him. Mostly his chewing days are over, but from time to time I see a towel with a little nibble out of it. Mostly his chewing days are over because I have removed every edible thing from his reach.

Anyway, now I have a new hat and I simultaneously learned to use double pointed needles for the first time. Always a bonus. Now I have two craft projects left to finish, one of which is 70% completed. These autumny days leave a lot of room for craftiness.

ladyjustineautumn10 ladyustineautumn11


I am still loving my new camera toy.

Apart from that, I am mostly loving dogs eating toffees. I know sugar is not good for dogs, but I do love watching them work a toffee. It’s pure comedy.

Hopefully I will return to full blogger duties in due time. Give me a week and I’ll be back on it. Suffice to say I will be very glad when it is next Sunday.

Until then,

Have a lovely day!

2 thoughts on “I’m not lost

  1. Good luck with your novel. 3000 words a day seems a lot. I would expect there are days when you can write 4000 easily and others when 1000 is a tall order. When I worked as a translator (not the same thing, but in some ways similar) we were expected to do 2000 words a day. I hope to be able to read that novel some day.
    We had a chewer of a dog many years ago (she chewed a window sill). I still have a cap I only use when working in the garden that is full of tiny holes that were made by Madge in the early 80s.

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