Winter is coming

I’ve waited a year to say that. Well, not waited a year for winter (that would be silly!) but waited a year to say ‘Winter is Coming’. It’s a Game of Thrones thing.

Having finished the last of the Game of Thrones published books in May, I can’t tell you the eagerness with which I await the next edition and also the next TV series. I love epic books that are so long that it takes me at least a week to read them – the kind of books you cannot put down. 

Anyway, winter is coming because a little birdie told me so…

IMG_0061On Monday morning, I saw this little flock of birds flying over to winter elsewhere. By Wednesday the sky was full of them and local newspapers picked up on it. Over Aigre on Wednesday, the sky was full of birds on long haul flights.

I hope they all had a safe journey. I worry about them all getting there alright.

As for the other wintery things, we have not yet had a frost. Can you believe it? It’s almost mid-way through November. It hasn’t yet dipped to 0°C and I don’t know why that is at all exciting to me because as soon as it’s been here five days, I will be wishing it was summer again.

We’ve been bathing under dirty grey skies down this end of the country and I’m mourning the cold blue skies that seemed to mark much of autumn, winter and spring a couple of years ago. That weather system really seems to have brought Manchester Gloom right to my doorstep.

So I did what every Northern girl does when I went out for my Tuesday walk: I put on layers. At one point on the walk I realised I was wearing pink fluffy ear muffs, an orange scarf, a purple jumper, leopard-skin leggings, navy blue gloves, grey and blue ski socks and a poncho on top. I must have looked divine. As if it were not enough to look like this, I saw several people. I never see people. This is what happens when you go out on walks without paying attention to your outfit.

Anyway, I am off to build a fire and get warm again. Five kilometres and Heston is sitting by the door this morning looking for all intents and purposes like we have not had a walk at all.



8 thoughts on “Winter is coming

  1. Ha, I always end up seeing people when I look a right mess… like you, I never see anyone on my walks over here, especially at this time of year when France hibernates. I only spotted one flock of grue flying over this week, but I’m sure there were more, I was just too busy working.

  2. WOT no thermals yet? Elizabeth is the expert on layers but I have to admit she hasn’t put the thermal layer on yet… I bet it comes out next week though when the weathermen have forecast frosts. It was white here this morning and the outside thermometer was reading 0C. Keep warm. C

  3. Ah, here in Manchester we have so far had 2 frosts, not big ones admittedly, but enough to hear people scraping car windscreens between 6 and 8.30 in the morning. But today saw a wonderful 13deg ! just right for taking a shed down and rebuilding !!

  4. Is it true that Game of Thrones is like the Wars of the Roses? I’ve been busy with those recently and read somewhere of the similarities, but not sure if that’s right…
    You’re right it’s not been properly cold – here, too. It feels cold but that, apparently, is because it’s been too warm for the season till now. They keep saying it’ll snow but it hasn’t and neither have we had hard frosts, though the nasturtium leaves are just beginning to go. Fingers crossed I can soon offer up an equally mad layering outfit!

    1. I’ve not watched War of the Roses (I’m assuming it’s a thing when you could mean infighting between families, in which case, yes!) I think it’s supposed to snow here during the week, but we will see… many of the leaves haven’t turned yet and it’s mid November!

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