Who knew that she had the goods?

Today’s Much Love Monday is brought to you with a simple little funky beat from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie. 

If Lou Reed has been there from time to time in my life, forming a strand in the tapestry, the RHCP are the canvas upon which it was built, I’m sure of it. They’d be my desert island band, no doubt about it.

Today is Armistice Day in France (it was Remembrance Sunday yesterday in the UK) and though there are a few souls who have made it to the war memorial, for most of the country, it is a day off. November is good to us in France if you have to work – the 1st of November is Toussaints or All Saints Day when it is compulsory to go and take a chrysanthemum to your dead relatives’ graves – and today is Armistice Day of course.

Though I am not really having a day off (because Monday is kind of my one day of rest during the week as my weekends get subsumed in work) I did take the dogs out this morning. Unfortunately, jours fériés mean that although there is no regular, organised hunt today, there were odd old guys out at the crack of dawn. They wander around in their camouflage with a shotgun and a couple of dogs, usually after birds I’d have thought. I don’t know whether I trust these guys more or less than the organised hunt people. The organised hunt people don’t seem to catch very much though they make a lot of noise.

Luckily I am not of a hunting disposition. I’d be the type to shoot my dogs by accident, or a passing cyclist.

The game is definitely afoot at the moment.

Luckily, today the rain has stopped. This is a good thing. The Tardoire returned last week and the Charente had broken its banks in several places. This is unusual. I’ve never known the river to be back so early. Let’s hope it dries out a bit. I daren’t voyage down my garden and see what is happening. It’s like a mud pit.

So, what am I loving this fine Monday?

Firstly I am loving picking up my knitting needles. It feels like autumn is well under way.

And though it has been wet, it has also been unseasonably warm, which is also a good thing. No indoor hats as yet. It means that I am enjoying this autumn, wet as it is, and am not spending all my time thinking about how cold I am. It is nice to enjoy fires and soups and autumny things when it is all still new and fresh. I will, of course, get sick of it by February and March, and be itching to get my fingers stuck into some compost. I will be tired of the fire and tired of being cold and tired of sleeping in socks under two duvets. Right now, I am loving it.

Anyway, it is now late on Monday. I’ve spent the day coveting buttons and patterns and fabrics which I will share with you some other time. It’s time to hit the sack in fact. Today has been a day much like that. A day of putting things aside and coming back to them. I’m now wrapping things up and thinking tomorrow I need to finish what I start!!

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