Dealing with a memory

Grizzly Monday morning? Run out of energy? Today’s mlm is brought to you by The Who with You better, You bet to give you a little Monday kick. 

I’d almost run out of all energy. By 5pm Friday last week, I could have sat down and gone to sleep for 20 hours. It reminded me of those days when I used to get in from work in the winter and go and lie down on my bed in my coat and go to sleep, waking up about 5 in the morning in the exact same position. I had a bit of a cold as well and although it was past its Wednesday worst, it was still pretty yucky. Luckily, a later start on Saturday and a Saturday afternoon off to clean up and take the dogs out was just what was needed. In fact, I lie. What really revived me was an hour of poetry teaching on Saturday evening, and then another one last night. Nothing like opening a can of poetry on a reluctant teenager who can then say “yeah, I get it now!”

I did put on a couple of The Who’s albums on Saturday night after I’d cleaned up. From time to time, a couple of my friends and I get into a whole evening’s discussion about who’s better, who’s best – The Who, The Rolling Stones or The Beatles. If you could only have one, which would you have? Usually, somebody puts on Sympathy for the Devil towards the end of the evening and we all kind of agree that the Stones did some awesome work. But The Who did some epic songs and this is one of my favourites. My absolute favourite is harder to pick out, I think. I can probably narrow it down to about ten songs. And The Who did some awesome stuff too. Quadrophenia anyone? Tommy?

Throw Led Zeppelin into the argument and I don’t think there would ever be an end to that argument.

It’s funny, all this music stuff. I bet nobody looking at me would say I could quite happily spend several hours arguing over the relative merits of England’s giants. Never mind the relative benefits of new and upcoming sounds. Yet it’s the one blog that is never hard to write (and you’ll notice a dearth recently, but not through writer’s block, just through lack of time!)

It’s also not surprising to me, looking back over the MLMs, that there is such a range. I am, after all, the grown-up version of the 13 year old with Bowie, Depeche Mode, Talking Heads, Kiss and the Carpenters in her minuscule collection. It kind of got worse as I grew older and I embraced the heady sounds of 70s disco as well as the great club anthems that are just so good to run to. A song for every occasion. I have a list I’m working through for Much Love Monday, and every time I remember something Monday-epic, it goes on the list.

So what else gets my Monday love?

Strangers who send you kind messages about things – whether it’s just to say thank you for something you’ve said, or whether it’s to say they really enjoyed something you wrote. That’s especially nice. Feedback is hard, and often not very thick on the ground. Not that I am an ego-whore, but it’s nice to know that someone appreciates it. (Other than my Nana who always loves everything I do… Lovely Nana)

Breaks in the storms where the clouds are thick and heavy, yet filled with a weird kind of light.

Getting teenagers enthused about poetry with that Modernist epic, Pound’s In a station of the metro which, at 14 words and two lines, is just about the most stripped back and incomprehensible thing ever in a way. It’s the modern art of poetry. And showing a teenager who feels a bit ‘meh’ about poetry that he can get great things out of it is always a ‘yay!’ moment. E.E. Cummings’ Buffalo Bill’s Defunct is also a great one for that. That’s what makes me a word-loving English teacher. Google these two poems if you want to find poetry at its most beguiling (and most frightening…)

Finding your passion on a Saturday evening and finding it re-awoken every time you delve into it.

Long autumny forest romps with the beasts.

Putting my walking boots on after a summer in flip-flops.

Tea breaks.

Planning my autumn knitting. Smaller projects needed though!

Right, I better get on with my day. Beasts to walk. Gardens to tidy. Houses to clean. Lessons to prepare. Web content to write. Hopefully I will manage to squeeze a blog or two into the week before it ends up being Monday again!


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