I know more now than I knew then

Todays mlm is brought to you by Stevie Wonder with Higher Ground. A bit of funky Stevie at his very best.

As per, I’ve got a busy Monday ahead. Dogs, gardening, shopping, house-cleaning, planning, teaching, washing, reading, bed. That will be how it goes. Last week was a very rare nadgy week, where the whole world was out of sync, and this week better not be like that. I’m too tired to cope with it. Yesterday, I ran out of words. That’s how tired I was.

This weekend was mostly dominated by Pineau Sally’s Party in the Park. Pineau, if you aren’t acquainted with it, and you probably won’t be on account of they don’t really let it out of the Charente, is a local fortified alcohol, kind of a bit like sherry. It’s grape must and cognac. I have no idea what those words mean. Anyway, Sally likes a pineau, so sometimes we call her Pineau Sally. It’s better than other names we might call her. We all love her very much, otherwise we wouldn’t have been behind the bar, dancing our arses off, serving cake, coffee and beer. Not many women would do what she did. Sally had arranged a mammoth event to raise money for cats here in the region. Of course, it is farming country and – how shall I say it? – there’s often a much more ‘country’ attitude towards animals, cats in particular. Dogs are just burglar alarms. Cats keep the rodents away. I guess that’s how some people find it.

Sally was out and about and came across an old lady who had ‘adopted’ 20-odd cats. She lived near a main road and every time she would see a dead cat killed by the side of it, she would go looking for its kittens and feed them. Many were blind or partially sighted, and most were very ill. Sally raised loads of money to have them all sterilised and treated, and found homes for many too. On top of her day job. And on top of helping her husband out with his books and the likes, as women do with husbands. Much love for Sally for attempting this mammoth thing. There are very few people who would have done anything about it at all.

Anyway, after I’d done my Party stint (including Gangnam Style dancing behind the bar and putting up with Miss Rachel’s rather bizarre shaggy dancing) I came home and submitted a poetry essay. It’s like being a teenager all over again. It’s the first proper essay I’ve done since 2007, and I can’t believe I’ve gone 6 years between them. The last time I was ‘learning’, I had a photography exhibition due on the same day as my masters dissertation. I don’t know how I did it. I would guess much in the same style as yesterday – work, work, work, get home, crazy writing and then bed. I must thrive on pressure.

If I thrive on pressure, my housework doesn’t. Plus, with the rain last week, I’m a bit behind in my autumn gardening. Time to get back in that saddle as this week also promises to be crazy busy too.

So, what am I loving this Monday?

Cauliflower cheese

Cake sales

Autumnal dog walks in an almost empty forest

Seeing deer

Watching Heston getting deer-crazy and then being too tired to walk properly

Modern Poetry courses & submitting essays

Being quiet

The fact that by this time next week, I will be back to ‘normal’ workload

Putting my vegetable plots to bed for the winter

Apple crumbles

Apple pies

Apple turnovers

Apple pie jam

Warm beds

Being cool at night and warm in the day

Sunny autumn days

Proliferations of spiderwebs in the fields in the morning

Today is supposed to hit 29°C – bit of an Indian summer, I think. I better get going with my tasks, though. They’re never done, are they?

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