A woman can be tough

Today’s Much Love Monday is brought to you by Janis Joplin with Piece of my Heart

There is a reason this post is some nine or ten hours later than usual. That’s because I was just feeling uninspired this morning. Well, not workwise, but music-wise. Some days are like that. I was searching around in my head for something that would put the heart back in a Monday (like the days don’t all blur into one for me with work!!) and I couldn’t find anything that was suitable. But Janis. Ah Janis. I could be dead and Janis would give me a shot of emotion so raw it’s practically taken on a life of its own.

I’ve been up early this morning. Not to do with any other thing than the Perseid meteor shower, which was way worth getting out of bed at 4am for. No, it’s not a spectacular firework show, but I still oohed and ahhed in the right place. It’s the first time I ever saw a meteor shower. Now there’s a first for being 40.

The truth be told, I was unsure about the first ten or so meteors. The torch batteries had gone and I had crept down the garden in the dark. Strange how, when your eyes adjust to it, it’s perfectly easy to see. But I did think I was seeing things. You see a streak of light race across the sky and you think your eyes are deceiving you.

Besides, I was expecting something small and insignificant, difficult to detect, not some great shot of light through a whole region of sky. I don’t know. Maybe I was expecting them to be a little harder to see than they were.

I’d gone to the trouble (thinking they would be small and localised) of looking up the Perseus constellation and trying to locate it. That’s hard. I’m pretty good now at identifying various high-up stars like the Big Dipper (aka The Asda Shopping Trolley) and Orion, but sometimes things are all upside down and hard to spot. There is a reason, too, that I’m not good with horizon stars – I don’t have much of a horizon here, being at the low point in the village, surrounded by trees and outbuildings. And as it turns out, there was absolutely no need at all to bother, since they were kind of all over the north and east of the night sky. Sometimes, you try too hard.

But it was quite something. I’m glad I didn’t miss them and that I went to the trouble of getting up to see them… I don’t want to be on my deathbed and never have made a wish on a shooting star. I don’t think I could rest easy.

And as for the other bursts of light and joy in my Monday… having an SLR camera yesterday for the day. Oh… I have no words for the joy that baby brought me…

leaf chromatography 15God I love depth of field and f stops and manual focus and natural lighting…

I’ve been putting together the finishing touches on an article for a pretty big website and I needed something that didn’t look like it was taken on a simple little camera. Despite how good picmonkey is for revving up the colour and adding a few details, there’s nothing like having a big girl camera. Usually, when I press auto-adjust on picmonkey, the contrast, highlights, shadows, saturation and temperature shoot up and down and all over the place. Yesterday, I pressed auto-adjust and it added 1% more shadow. That’s how good it is.

And then to spend the afternoon dropping various children off, getting fed on the way, picking up jars of jam and dropping off nappies… Sunday afternoons should be more like this and less about waiting in for returned phonecalls.

One bit I hate about having to source quotes from others is when you ask for a good time to call for quotes, they say a time and then they don’t answer. Not only don’t they answer, when they’ve said the only time they can talk to you is for five minutes between next Easter and Pentecost, but they are ‘too busy’ to call back or even leave a message or apologise for the fact that you sat on your arse for two hours waiting for them to call at a certain time, pen in hand, trying to keep phonelines free. No love at all for people who are ‘too important’ or ‘too busy’ to do what they said they would do and then too rude to let you know they can’t make it. If I had my way, I’d tell them they are in no way as important as they think they are. No excuse for bad manners. My two centimes for nothing: if you are ‘too important’ to be on time for a phonecall you arranged, then pretty soon, your clients won’t be calling you either. Promise. Manners cost nothing.

Anyway, that aside, I managed to get a couple of great articles done today and way ahead of schedule. This is good. I have a few additional errands to do this week. It’s going to be a busy one. Perhaps I should just put Janis on all week and power through it??




4 thoughts on “A woman can be tough

  1. That’s so neat about the meteor shower. I’ve never seen one myself and have now added it to my ‘must do’ list. I have seen the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) once though and it was spectacular.

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