A world made of steel, made of stone

Today’s Much Love Monday is brought to you by Irene Cara with Flashdance. 

I can’t think that there is a woman alive of, say, between 37 and 43 who didn’t dream of going to dance school. Blame it on Fame and Flashdance.

Some people should keep their dancing to themselves though. However, in the spirit of Monday love I am going to share a little something with you. It was brought to my attention by Madame Rachel, who is the queen of all things weird. If Eurotrash still existed, Rachel would be a great researcher for the show.

This is Tonetta with a song about eating meat. In his underpants. Dancing. On Youtube.

It’d be rude not to share this with you as I’m sure you appreciate.

Now Rachel says that this man has a cult following on the internet, but I fail to see how. He has 569 views of this video. That is a very small cult following if ever a youtube channel had one. I suspect Miss Rachel is going round searching out this stuff. I usually get in on the tail end of amusing memes when they’re at a billion views or so. Anyway, if he doesn’t make you laugh on a Monday, or make you cringe, then you are possibly still asleep. Apparently, though, he regularly has his videos removed then just happily starts up a new channel and off he goes again. That man definitely has a dream of stardom. I did find an article about him in the Guardian from three years ago, so I’m significantly behind the weird times.

Anyway, back to Flashdance. I’m in a Flashdance kind of a mood ever since I picked up a copy of the LP (vinyl, I’ll have you know) at a vide grenier a couple of months ago. I bought it with Bananarama’s greatest hits, a copy of a Julio Inglesias album and another Demis Roussos epic. I am pretty sure these things will be banned pretty soon by the taste police, so I’ve got to do my bit. These will all be impromptu Christmas gifts (yes, dear family and friends… you will have to find a way to dispose of them or celebrate them) and I’m very impressed with them. We should all own bad taste things that give us a giggle. Life is too serious to do things that are always tasteful and elegant. There has to be room for a little trash and candy floss.

So, besides 70s and 80s bad taste re-emerging like a foul burp from the past, what else has been bringing a smile to my face?

I think the thunder and lightning on Friday night would have to be one of those things. I was feeling rotten beforehand – really quite faint – must be the heat and the ceaseless pace of my life! – but being soaked to the bone in a maxi dress and watching men trying to keep the barbecue going under the storm, well, that’s always fun. Sadly, the rain almost stopped play, since turnout was down and Montbron’s yearly night market really suffered for it. However, the drive home was nothing short of spectacular with lightning hit after lightning hit over Angoulême. At one point, driving back from Madame V’s, we were surrounded by lightning on all sides. Very, very weird. I’ve never seen storms like it outside of Cuba in hurricane season.

And the other thing that has brought a smile to my face is an old friend who turned up on Facebook yesterday – someone I haven’t seen for twenty years and who has studiously avoided all my attempts to find him via international campaigns. A couple of friends had seen him three or so years ago, but I’d already moved to France. And here he is! It’s funny to have Much Love for new technology but I’m sure there’s a lot of people out there who lost touch simply because they didn’t think they would need to keep in touch. I don’t remember ever thinking that it would be the last time I would see people, but often, it was. I was hanging around with other people and my old friends were hanging around with other people… you never think to hold on, and then before you know it, they move and they’re gone. Or you move and you’re gone. And then twenty years go by and you don’t see that person even though you only live maybe five miles from each other.

Such is life.

So here’s to old friends, to nostalgia, to Flashdance, to Canadian men dancing in their underwear and to sunny Mondays!


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