Making the boys wink

pinkI’ve had a busy week delivering – yesterday was no exception. Today, Clare and I are out in the garden pruning, clearing up after the storm and weeding. Such fun!

I’ve managed to get a few plums in, as well as the last blackcurrants. It’s made up about a kilo of plum and blackcurrant jelly which should stretch out those last few blackcurrants. The plums are almost ready to harvest, as are lots of other things. Of course, I shall give you a full update tomorrow morning.

The weather is starting to hot up again after a cooler day yesterday, so I shall be out nice and early this morning. I’m planting a few late peas to see if I can get a couple of autumn harvests in. Enjoy my flurry of pink. I thought I’d gather a few of them together for you!


5 thoughts on “Making the boys wink

    1. I suspect mine will be in over the next couple of weeks. I think the sun has really brought them on! Amazing that they’ve caught up, when everything else is so far behind.

  1. I have also been making black currant jam today. The black currants are at their best and since we are about to leave for 8 days or so, the currants won’t wait that long. Jelly is more popular but I like the feel of the crushed berries so I make jam. It is so easy to use black currants. With all the pectin, it works out every time. Here the plums (Damson) are not yet ready. It will be an other two weeks.
    You had “a busy week delivering”. What are you delivering? You must have explained it in previous posts. Peux-tu éclairer ma lanterne?

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