A tale of nine dogs

Sometimes, I think Mme V is crraaazy. Other times, I know it for sure. With three dogs of her own, she first took on Mr Charlton, brother to my own Mr Heston. She even wanted him more because he looked a bit runty and a bit sad. To be fair, I was easy and could have had either. She could have had my handsomeness and I could have had her “special” runt of the litter. She could have had a lovely, loyal little baby and I could have had her good-tempered sweetheart who seemed to be at the back of the brains queue.

That wasn’t enough. Oh no. Four dogs, four cats and two chatty parrots is not enough for a woman. She started fostering puppies in need of permanent homes for a couple of local charities. The prospect of 12 lab cross puppies didn’t frighten her earlier in the year, though they all found homes very quickly. First came Milly and Molly, now happily with their full time adopters, and then Boss, Brut and Coco, three hot little bundles of furry love.

Into this mélange, I took Heston and Tilly on my little July staycation. Heston and Charlton have Houdini dreams. Charlton only has to get a sniff of an open gate and he’s off in search of marvellous fun in the land-beyond-home. He thinks it’s a wonderful game. Heston is also an escape artist and until I had my fence fixed earlier in the year, he would regularly trot off up the road. To this end, they go on walks together from time to time and they have play dates. Inside playdates where they cannot escape and go off together in search of joyous Littlest Hobo magic moments.

The lovely thing about watching them play is how even they are with each other. They wrestle. They do dog ju-jitsu. They maul about on the floor. They do a kind of doggie capoeira, practising their moves. Then they rest a bit. They rested quite a lot this weekend: 37°C will do that to a dog. Of course, now Heston is back here, he is depressed and has taken to his bed. I think a long walk is in order later!

IMG_0620 IMG_0622 IMG_0624 IMG_0625They are such smiley, happy dogs. Bless Heston and Charlton. Let’s hope Heston finds his mojo again tonight.


4 thoughts on “A tale of nine dogs

  1. we had a greenhouse as a kid. shady days 49c sunny 66c or more. humidity was nice because you water the plants first thing in morning. finished concrete. worked in a foundry. roofed. did black top paving. that was the hottest 93c or more. but not the worst, you took breaks every hour. concrete was. when it set it set you worked at full speed in the heat of the day. no breaks until done.

    it was 37c here give or take last week. i run every day.i like to run in the middle of day. the only advise i have is to drink a liter of water first thing in the morning. i drink 2, 3, 0r 4, 3 liter jugs of water a day. i drink a lot of water early because if i take several bathroom breaks a day i know i’m hydrated. runners do this also. well most do. lol.

    you don’t have ac if i remember right. i can understand. you will be in ac prison if you do. people here don’t go outside when the ac or heat comes on. lol. i’m a cheap bastard i get a free sauna all summer long.

    peaceup billy

  2. They certainly look like cheerful dogs! My grand-parents had a dog that looked just like Heston and Charlton when I was young. It was called ‘Michel’ and, for years, to me the name Michel sounded more appropriate to a dog than to a human!

    1. Do you know what type of dog Michel was? Heston and Charlton are mutts, but they’ve definitely got a lot of flat coated retriever and Groenendaele Belgian Shepherd in them.

      1. Michel was also a mutt. The most famous thing about him is that one Sunday he was locked up when my grand-father and my aunt came to my parent’s for a meal. Around desert time, Michel turned up! The distance between both houses was around 7-8 miles. We never knew how he managed it. He had visited before, but he had always been driven over.

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