Sunny days

Sometimes, it is time for a bit of R&R. That doesn’t happen so much around here, and certainly won’t happen until the garden is back under control, but I confess I took an afternoon off. Yes, really. Five weeks of marking is now over and I can begin to get outside to sort out what remains of my potager. Of course, now it is 32°C and I can only go out in the morning unless I fancy passing out from the heat. Oh well.

IMG_0616By the time we got to the plan d’eau at St Yrieix, it was pretty deserted. I often plan to arrive places at lunchtime, knowing full well that the French contingent will have gone home for their lunch and I will be able to nab a good spot. We have a couple of favoured places – usually around a tree so we can get some shade. It’s weird. I spend all year waiting for warm weather, then, when it gets here, I spend all my time hiding from the sun and searching for shade.

The early mornings have become frantic with my attempts to do ten things at once; it’s the best time for gardening, for watering, for weeding. It’s also cool enough to walk the dogs. But it’s also when I’m most alert and can manage to work. I need three of me.

I have been busy sorting out a new logo for my business… had finally narrowed it down to one choice after consultation with several people.

What do you think?


My last logo was something I did back in 2007 and was showing its age. Next up will be a redesign of my bills and ‘with compliments’ slips. I’ve already swapped my logo on my facebook business page. Feel free to hop over and like the page if you are interested in all things bookish, wordy or writerly. I have to say, I am very lucky in that I tend to get clients without much marketing at all. But that doesn’t mean I can rest on my marketing laurels. Oh no. Onwards and upwards. I do GCSE webinars in February through to May, but this time, I think I’m going to record them and market them professionally. It means upgrading my hardware so I can record podcasts and getting better screen capture materials, but I’ve always liked that side of things. I am not a technophobe. Luckily, I did a lot of work with audacity back in the day, and it’s still highly recommended. Once, we used it to record the opening of Macbeth, with all the kids recording themselves as witches then playing around with repeats and different effects, then putting it to a soundtrack and adding it to PowerPoint. We used it as a backdrop in the drama theatre and I have to say I was overwhelmed by the effects. Some of the kids had gone for very Blair Witchy kind of films and photographs and their audacity stuff was completely amazing.

Most of the time, kids have this innocent ability to be able to take software and do things with it that you would never have dreamed could be done. They go so much further than you ever thought they could, and often, they have an instinctive ability to know what’s effective, what works and what doesn’t. Maybe I should employ a group of 13 year olds to record my webinars for me?

Right, back to the grindstone. Some of us have work to do!



2 thoughts on “Sunny days

  1. I love your new logo. It looks very professional, yet friendly.
    With the picture of the plan d’eau at St Yrieix, I have a better idea of what you meant about the two places having similarities.

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