… and the living is NOT easy. It’s weeding a-go-go and getting to the point where things need watering. I’ve been trying to weed around the spring onions, but it’s nigh-on impossible and you would not believe the number of ant nests at the moment. I’m getting to the point where I think I have to get some ant killer. I’m sad about that, little Buddhist that I am. But the little barstewards keep biting me I think, and I can’t have that. Plus, if I leave them, I’ll have no room for vegetables. I can’t dig for even half a metre without uncovering another nest. Do ants even bite? I guess they must!

Any ideas, oh wonderful readers? Any tried and tested methods?

I have never been the type to go around wantonly killing stuff, but those beasts are everywhere.

Yesterday, I spent most of the time trying to work around my brassicas – the kale and brussels sprouts are doing great. Some of the stuff I direct planted hasn’t done anything, which is kind of sad. Still, there’s time to get a few things in.

IMG_0479I love the lime-green runner bean leaves and their bright flowers – I’ve had a good kilo of broad beans again this week, though some of my lettuces have come out.

IMG_0492The monarda and achillea are coming into bloom.

Of my 250kg target for the year, I have so far harvested:

2.5 kg sprouting broccoli

4.5 kg cherries

2.1 kg broad beans.

200g peas

200g runner beans

That makes it 9.6 kg out of 250kg. Luckily, the trees are heavy with plums, apples, pears and quinces this year, otherwise, I’d be stuck! Not sure about how the potatoes will have fared – there’s a fair amount of die-back already. Mind you, they’ve been in a couple of months, so it’s not unexpected.

Yesterday, I did a lot of pruning and weeding in between my last papers (I say last papers and you KNOW I’ll be doing them until the bloody thing says ‘no more portions’… I hate, btw, that they are called portions. They aren’t cakes. They’re exam papers.) It’ll be the same today. Everything has grown so much and the hedges and shrubs all need pruning right back.

Everything is just about beginning. It got hot yesterday afternoon, but the morning still felt like April temperatures. It does look like the end of the week is warming up – and that’s all good because it’s the Cognac Blues Festival and I’m off out for lunch! It always makes me feel all civilised again to go out for lunch. Heaven only knows, I might get myself a proper big-girl haircut this summer and put some make-up on again. It’s been a while.




6 thoughts on “Summertime…

  1. Your vegetable plot is doing so much better than ours up here in chilly Normandy. I know what you mean about weeding between onions, it is a horrible task.
    Do ants bite? Yep! And it hurts!

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