Drifting out of reach

When I’ve got my head down and I’m ploughing through exams, I just stick an album on and mark as long as it lasts before taking a break. So far, it’s been The Smiths, Feeder and Guillemots. I’ve misplaced my favourite first Guillemots album, so here’s a suitable Much Love Monday track for you from the second album.

I can’t tell you how much I love this band. I went to see them at the Academy and they were quite literally the best band I’ve ever seen live. I think the whole audience surrendered to love. Fyfe Dangerfield has the best voice live. I know a lot of singers whose vocal talents don’t make it beyond the studio, or who do concerts as if they are just some kind of over-rehearsed video performance, but this band were just above and beyond all of my expectations.

Not only that, but Fyfe Dangerfield is pretty much his real name, give or take a couple of additions and subtractions. That has to be one of the world’s coolest names. Plus, he is very handsome in a floppy-haired-scruffy-bearded-Dr-Spencer-Reid kind of a way.


A poetic, musical man with floppy hair. What more could a girl ask for on a Monday morning?

So what have I Much Love for this week?

Well… outdoor activities for a start. There was an outdoor evening market on the banks of the Charente in Cognac on Friday and a big bunch of us headed down to drink in the sun and a few pineaus, pinots and beers. I had THE best churros I’ve had all year. They’re really such a winter thing but it didn’t make them any less appropriate or addictive. There’s a little stall in La Rochefoucauld that sells them in the winter, and it’s nice to sit and have one with a hot chocolate from the little teashop tucked in the alleyway between the high street and the church. But… even nicer to have one surrounded by friends – nay, even to have eaten one of a friend’s churros. Friends who say ‘I need a bit of help with these churros’ = Much Love.

Though, I must add that this love for my friends is somewhat mitigated by the aforementioned friend’s confession that she used to tie her hamster up in a little parachute and throw him over the landing rail. Some things really make you reevaluate a person.

I think there also has to be Much Love for those nearest and dearest of my friends who managed to make it despite air and rail strikes left, right and centre. It was looking like it might not be a very happy Monday for some people, and yet there they were, sitting in the sunshine on Friday.

Can there be a nicer way to spend a June evening than sitting on the banks of a river, surrounded by lots of lovely people and their offspring (and their churros)? I don’t think so.

Much Love for the remaining cherries – last week’s heavy rain caused more damage and they are mostly split or mildewy, but there are some salvageable ones. I spent yesterday morning from 6am up a ladder trying to reach those unobtainable ones. I’ve got three kilos. That’s not terrible, though it’s a far cry from the buckets-full I had two years ago. Another zen lesson. Sometimes, life hands you copious and abundant cherries and forces beyond your control wreck them.

This Monday will be spent with exam papers and trying desperately to get my last plants out. I’ve still got a few gaps, so post-midsummer plantings will be the way forward I think. Hopefully, the weather will hold out – storm’s a-coming, so the weatherman says.


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