Recolte: cherries

If you remember, I’m aiming for 250 kg of home-grown produce this year. I’d done 1 percent of that up until this week. That’s a little embarrassing, I know. Anyway, this year’s cherry harvest is starting to come in and it’s taken it to 2 percent. Whoop de doo. I can’t complain. I’ve probably eaten about 3kg of cherries right off the tree, and I sure haven’t been counting the strawberries I’ve nommed as I’ve been wandering through the lean-to. So… so far, 2.5kg cherries (I’ve only just started to get ripe ones, though!) and 2.5kg of broccoli.

cherries2011The place is inundated with elderflower at the moment, so I’m going to have a go at making elderflower cordial. I used to drink a lot of that stuff back in the UK – there were these kind of cordials for grown-ups, and elderflower was one of them. I am such a lightweight that if I made elderflower champagne, I’d never drink it.

It’s fair to say it is not a good cherry year. Last year was a terrible cherry year, on account of having absolutely zero cherries. This year, it’s been too wet and some have split. Others have gone mildewy. But there are still a fair sum on the trees. They aren’t very sweet this year, mainly given the weather again, but they don’t need to be, to go in pies and tins and jams. I’ve got some bags of cherries left from last year, so now I know I can use them, they’ll be making jam later in the week, I hope! Cherry jelly and peach jelly are my absolute favourites, I think.

Everything is looking a little waterlogged still. The broad beans are on their way. The runner beans are beginning to get little beans on them. The lettuce are not far from needing harvesting. The potatoes are rampant. I mean R-A-M-P-A-N-T and I’m hoping it will be a good year for them. I’ve still got lots of stuff inside that needs to get out, and rows of seeds I need to sow. There’s still stuff growing right now, even though it’s not so warm. The weather cannot decide what to do. Sometimes it is 20° and sometimes it is 28°. We fluctuate from early spring to mid-summer in a day.



4 thoughts on “Recolte: cherries

  1. I made elderflower syrup yesterday. I would have made cordial, but I didn’t have any citric acid. Our cherries are nowhere near ripe — barely even got any colour. Strawbs coming in well now though.

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