On a summer day

I feel like I need an energy boost this Monday after a very busy weekend, so here’s Icona Pop with I Don’t Care…

I listen to quite a lot of French radio. I’ve got a CD changer, but I get bored of the things on there from time to time and I’m always in too much of a hurry to change them over. Plus, I like to listen to a bit of French, otherwise I’m a completely Anglo-Saxon media bubble, bar the local papers and occasional national news that has an impact on the region. Anyway, French radio is kind of a freaky experience because there are about twenty songs on repeat and they favour Euro-pop and French stuff. As there’s not much good new French stuff, they play things repeatedly, until it drives you to distraction.

Occasionally, they play something non-French, but usually Euro-centric, and Sweden’s Icona Pop are getting a lot of airplay at the moment. That’s kind of weird because they could be huge in the US or England as well, or completely behind the times. They could be complete unknowns or completely passé. With no MTV, I have no idea what’s popular anymore. France does that to you. It’s like being in a cultural time warp, where things that are huge here may or may not be big in the rest of the world. I wonder if it’s the same in the rest of Europe? Vanessa Paradis is still popular here on the radio, and she’s such an 80s thing in the rest of the world.

So what do I have Much Love for? I have had to resurrect my love of lists – a friend’s good advice. I used to be a prolific list-maker, back in my consultant life when I had about five hundred tasks. I’m a typical enthusiast (that sounds like a dodgy star sign reference, but is really a reference to Honey and Mumford’s learning styles. I like Honey and Mumford. They sound like a cereal-meets-a-rock-band) and I am very bad at finishing things off. I go off like a rocket and then when it comes to finishing, I never do. I mean to, but I get side-tracked by butterflies and stuff and something new and shiny catches my attention.

This week, I mean to be a finisher, not a starter.

This is how much of a terrible finisher I am… I plant loads of seeds, pot them up, nurse them, coddle them, plant them out, water them, feed them, nourish them and then I can’t find the motivation to harvest stuff. I nearly lost my broccoli that way this year. I think I have ADHD or something.

I’ve decided that I’m going on a ‘completion’ diet this month and that I am going to finish things off that I start. It’s a cruel month, work-wise, with GCSEs starting from Tuesday. It’s going to be a month of no downloads, no youtube, no messing. I need a bit of focus and energy if I want to get through it all.

I’m on to Book 3 (part 1) of the Game of Thrones series, so that’ll be one thing I ban til just bedtime. I keep sneaking chapters in here and there during the day. The rest of my re-reads will have to wait for 27 days until the long slog is over.

Much Love for the returning temperatures as well. It looks like it will be a sunny day today. I’m off outside to get on with the big patch which is waiting for me. I’ve been planting in corn and curcurbits in squares, in kind of homage to three sisters planting. I’ll put some beans in as well I think. I have kind of decided to keep some chilis and aubergines inside the lean-to in pots, as last June was also very cool following a cool May. I don’t have much faith for much of a summer, I’m afraid. I noticed yesterday that many of my cherries are split due to the heavy rains. My tomatoes are yellow. My planted corn is yellowing. My pumpkins are yellow. Either it’s a good old nutrient deficiency or it’s over-watering. I suspect the latter. Not my fault, I’m afraid, unless I put wellingtons on my plants!

I gave them all a feed yesterday with some of my nettle fertiliser. That stuff reeks worse than any smell I know. Tilly then went and lay down in it and I’m pretty sure Heston drank some. I had to put up with the stench all night. Pure evil.

So enjoy your Monday. May you have all the energy you need to make it through!


4 thoughts on “On a summer day

  1. I hate self discipline, sigh.
    Btw, you probably know that French radio has to play a certain percentage of French stuff by law… yawn (mostly)!! My daughter, however, has become quite fond of it from holidays and having to do the washing up and gets NRJ streamed onto the computer back home in CH…??!!

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