This world is such a crazy place

Today’s MLM is brought to you by way of Paloma Faith with Upside Down

Edit: it was going to be, but then it was Nana-bombed by Miss Mouskouri. I shall leave you with Only Love since Nana seems to have become the new Rick Astley in my life. I loved that I could explain Rick Astley to the American Helpxrs just by saying, “you know, the Rick-Rolled guy”. I wonder if Nana bombing will take off? 

I think anyone on this gloomy Monday morning might need a little helping hand getting the sunshine back into their life. I think we could all do with a little PF glamour. She’s like a less po-faced Dita meets a less-messy Amy Winehouse.

I am NOT much loving the weather. It’s done nothing but rain for DAYS and I cannot get outside to do the grass on account of my lawnmower doesn’t actually like to cut things. It is perfectly happy doing nothing at all and is fine on short, dry grass. Give it long, wet grass and it has a hissy fit. NOT much loving the lawnmower either.

The rain, I don’t mind. I just wish it wasn’t so Manchester-Persistant. We finally got a walk in yesterday evening, waiting all day for it to be dry enough. It’s like cuckoo city out there right now. It’s funny because they sound just so very cuckoo-clock and then they just don’t stop. It’s like they’ve lost the plot. I reckon there are four or five around here and they just cuckoo to each other all the day long. The wheat is now long enough for deer to hide in, and we walked right past one before it hopped off. All you could see were the ears.

My new helpxr arrived yesterday, so it looks as if we will spend most of the day painting the ceiling in the dining room. My dining room is the dreariest, darkest, gloomiest space. I have no idea why. It has big windows and a glass-paned door. I think if I paint the ceiling white instead of the current shit-brown, it might brighten it up a little. Once I’ve done that, I can get on with wallpapering. Might as well do something on the house – spending more time in it than I’d like.

There’s a great big fireplace in there – one that seems to have no actual chimney, which is slightly weird. I’m sure it does – I just can’t tell where it goes. The previous lady painted it shiny gloss shit-brown to match the matte-shit-brown ceiling and the matte-shit-brown floors. There’s wood and then there’s too much wood. Heaven only knows – we might even finish the ceiling in the living room as well. Wouldn’t that be something? Just need to locate the ladders!

So what am I much loving this morning?

I’m loving having helpx obviously. It’s so useful to have a second pair of hands.

I’m loving Game of Thrones, although unnecessary castrations are a little out of the usual and have made me feel a little ick.

I’m loving the green, if not the mud.

I’m loving the ripening cherries.

I’m loving my lovely friends who provide me with endless support and fun.

I’m loving my baby French car, off to get her French plates this week once all the bank holidays are over and done with. Another one today that I’d totally forgotten about.

I’m loving the random searches that bring people to my blog, like ‘hooded cagoule erection’. I even had to google it myself and yes, there I was on page three (fnarr fnarr) with a post about burqas and erecting a flag in my garden. I’m sure the person who searched for hooded cagoule erection was very disappointed to stumble upon my blog, and now I’m going to have more people who end up here, having searched those very terms. Poor them. But, seriously, how many people can there be who search for those terms? Given the number of web hits, there is quite a selection of reading material.

I’m not loving Tilly snaffling all the almost-ripe strawberries. That dog would be a very good vegetarian, given the amount of bird seed and fruit she eats. She has the most healthy diet ever.

Anyway, have a good Monday. Hopefully yours will be brighter than mine.

4 thoughts on “This world is such a crazy place

  1. do you have a “chimney damper”? did the last owner use the fireplace? people shove “stuff” down the chimney when it is cold to stop down drafts. if you want to test chimney draft do not build a fire. i use a bucket of water and a newspaper. roll paper up at chimney and set on fire. have water there. hold ignited paper in chimney. if smoke goes up good, if not may still be good. put paper in bucket.

    my guess is you have a damper. you would freeze to death in winter. maybe you did. do you heat with wood or coal? the reason for a brown ceiling is that it does show smoke as bad. if you are not going to wood/coal heat you might want to close in the hearth. it doesn’t have to be permanent, but can be. google “chimney damper”

    have you helper crawl in and look it over. that’s why you have a helper. lol.

    peaceup. billy

  2. LOL my mom was mistaken for Nana once, back in the 70s… Nana was doing a concert in Geneva (maybe she even lived there, I’m not sure) and my mom took a taxi home one tired evening – the driver asked her how the concert had gone!! We still laugh about it. All it took was long dark hair and big glasses 😉
    I’m very happy to have my own French baby car – and now a new one (I’ve gone from bright pink to dark purple!)…

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