Sunshine and hot days

These are some photos from Wednesday morning; it wasn’t so hot today, which I am glad about as I had about two hundred errands to run. Oradour was mighty hot, and I’ll post some photos tomorrow. We also went to Piégut market – I was very impressed, though it seemed to be mostly inhabited by English and Dutch people.

dawn in aprilThe walk up the road was almost blinding, it was so light.



Heston loves to gallop up this part of the hill. There seems to be a lot of wheat this year. Last year, these fields were rapeseed.



Heston does a lot of posing. He likes to stand on the ridge and survey the fields. He has recently discovered swallows and he will gladly spend a good ten minutes chasing them.

hestonaprilEverything is still very damp. Not only that, but I’ve still got water in my puits – it’s usually long since disappeared by now.

tillyaprilYou might be wondering where the little one is. She likes to ferret about. I know there are lots of rabbit holes and she likes to stick her head down every single one of them.

sloeblossomThe blackthorn bushes are in flower, and it seems like everything is desperate to make up for last year’s losses. I guess everything is well rested and well watered.






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