Yesterday’s walk was an eventful one, that’s for sure. Mr Heston found not one, not two, but three deer to chase. And, though he did not spot it, I saw a rabbit. It’s the first rabbit I’ve ever seen in the forest, and it was just hopping along up the path when I got there. Lucky Mr Rabbit managed to hop off before Heston or Tilly caught sight of him. The deer – well, they were a bit less easy to slip by.

Once or twice, I’ve seen little roe deer here. The only place I’ve seen a full-on huge stag was between Chasseneuil and La Tache – it was so big I could barely believe it was real. It had antlers and everything. The deer around here are usually only about as big as Heston, which isn’t very big at all. Sometimes, you can be forgiven for thinking it’s just a really big hare.

Yesterday, they were a lot bigger. I guess they were profiting from the early morning break in the clouds, just as I was. We don’t usually see deer – much more likely to come across a trail of wild boar. I think they too have been profiting from the hiatus in the hunt season, because there are a lot of piggy-trashings along pathways, where they’ve rooted something up.

To be fair, I’m surprised I lifted my head up long enough to see the beasts. I am much too entranced with the wild flowers at the moment. The periwinkles are now out, as are the wild primroses, and it’s all just a carpet of colour in the woods at the moment. The wild primrose are a really soft lemon compared to the cowslips, which are a rampant burst of sunshine. In places, the periwinkles are so thick that the whole woodland is lilac-blue. It’s funny to think that this burst of colour has come out of the forest ground, which was so thick with leaf detritus until just recently.

I am planning on doing a little artistic painting in the next few days – schools are on holiday and I have more time to dedicate to such things. The lovely helpxrs painted the kitchen today – or one side of it. The other side… Well, I don’t know what to do with that. It needs completely stripping back to plaster I think, and then re-doing. It might be a sledgehammer job. It’s such a mess. It’s got about 40 years of engrained dirt on it and I am not looking forward to trying to sort it out. Believe it or not but the kitchen does not have a useable power socket anywhere. What the hell is that about? How can you have a kitchen without power? I don’t even know.

At least, I didn’t.

Not until I lived here.

There’s a neck-breaking cable running from a power socket in the side of a fireplace in the dining room. I’m always finding I need a power socket next to my wood burner, aren’t you?

Just another example of the crazy fun electrics here.


I need my brother to come over for about four weeks. He’d sort it.

Anyway, although it is a little like putting make-up on a pig, the kitchen is now (partially) a cleaner, brighter space. I even have curtain ideas. Not sure how yet, but I do. One day, it will look like a cottage kitchen, instead of looking like a gas explosion happened.



It looks a bit like a hospital at the moment, but it won’t eventually. I have plans for it. It doesn’t help that there are those cheap and nasty tiles on the wall. I need a crash-course in tiling.

I found these photos before of what it looked like when I first signed the papers…



It’s funny to think of how it was and I’m pretty sure that I must have had some sort of crazy vision when I moved here, since this is what my kitchen looked like in Bolton…



Ahhhh…. sometimes, I think I must have been crazy.

But then, I remember all the deer and the wild boar and the sunny days… It would be fair to say that I am in a completely different world now.

Once that potager is beaten into shape, I continue not to care less about the loss of one beautiful fitted kitchen and the gain of one powerless monstrosity of a kitchen.

I miss those beautiful surfaces though.


2 thoughts on “Walkies

  1. I have to say our kitchen here was just horrible, we have transformed it completely. Always good to see the befores and afters. Have a good weekend. Diane

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