Seriously, Spring?

So we had a couple of warmer days last week, up at 19°, and I managed to get the lawn mowed and partially dig over the bed for the potatoes. I’d usually put them in on Good Friday, but I’m sensing they aren’t ready yet. It’s still BBBBBRRRRRR!

I picked up a Viburnum Tinus for 4€ yesterday and I’ve decided to plant that in the space I made a couple of weeks ago.

In my head, this is how it will look, eventually. It’s only in a 2L pot right now!!

It will tolerate shade and it will give me some flowers from December to April. Though it can be savaged by the viburnum beetle, I’ve got some good spray for it. I don’t usually spray anything, but this is worthwhile.



It has five or six little sprays of white-pink flowers right now just like this one, which is pretty late, since it is often a harbinger of spring.

I love viburnam. I had a Viburnum Opulus back in Manchester, and I have one here. I love the snowball shapes of the flowers. They’re just quintessential springtime to me.

Guelder rose

Back in the UK, I had another Viburnum in the front garden, a Viburnum Bodnantense,

A bloom in winter

This is another real favourite of mine. It has such a heavenly smell and year on year, it thrived where I’d put it.

I think it would be very easy to have a garden full of viburnum; it’s my go-to shrub of choice with a million different facets. Evergreens, deciduous, warm-loving and cold-loving, shade-loving and sun-loving, berries and flowers… doing stuff for every season. Does a plant get more useful than that? V. Lantana, V. Davidii… I don’t think I could even pick a favourite!

viburnum 2


I can’t decide still what to do with the clematis I picked up. I think I’m going to end up banging them in somewhere and seeing how they grow. They like it very much in the lean-to where it is warm and sheltered, but they can’t stay in there!

The weekly what’s up and what is not continues to grow…

  • Gardener’s Delight tomatoes
  • Super Marmande tomatoes
  • Alicante tomatoes
  • Super Roma tomatoes
  • cauliflower ‘merveille de quatre saisons’
  • musselburgh leeks
  • Autumn Giant leeks
  • kale
  • sweet banana pepper
  • Rachel’s cauliflower seeds that I can’t remember the name of
  • cheap aubergines
  • expensive aubergines
  • savoy cabbage
  • oak-leaf lettuce
  • red lettuce
  • brussels sprouts
  • basil
  • red cabbage
  • Webbs lettuce

Also, my broccoli is getting florets! Yah-hoo! It’s only been in the ground 10 whole months. That is one lazy plant. I guess, though, the florets are really seed heads and that it takes a year to get to ‘seed’. I’ve put in some impatiens, which is a little late, but the packet says its germination heat is 21°-24° and even in the propagator, it’s just not that hot.

Today, I’m planning on planting some more seeds – I have annuals to get started. I am also going to plant my courgette seeds, cucumber seeds, cornichon seeds and pumpkin seeds. It’s only 6 weeks from the last ever frosts, and 2 weeks from the usual end-of-season frost, so by the time they germinate and have a few leaves, it will hopefully be warm enough to plant out. I think I’m still going to plant up a few more tomatoes – can’t get enough of the red beasts! It looks like it will stay cool and dry til Friday, when the heavens will open. I wonder how much I can do by then?!

I am at the point where every windowsill, every surface in the sun and every single space has been used up for a pot of seeds. Mantlepiece or bookcase, there’s a plant on it.

Usually more…

Anyway, better scoot. Busy days at the moment!


2 thoughts on “Seriously, Spring?

  1. I must look for a viburnum, not sure why I have not put one in before! I have some tomato plants that are quite big but I am worried about putting them out to soon, think they can go into large pots and stay in the greenhouse. As for all the other seeds yes it is time I got them going, but we are going to be away at the end of May for about 3 weeks so it worries me a bit. Happy Easter planting, hope the weather is warm. Diane

    1. I’m leaving my tomatoes indoors for a few more weeks… latest frost I’ve ever had here has been 17th April, but it won’t hurt them to be nice and warm! There’s plenty of things you could plant after May though. Let’s hope for a warm weekend!

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