Oh Spring, where art thou?

Even with last year’s cold April and May, I still had got my potatoes in by now, as well as a couple of rows of beetroot, onions and carrots. This year, it’s STILL too wet and cold to put anything in.

Luckily, this is not deterring me as I am simply hoarding things in the lean-to for want of warmer days.

It is very disheartening though. It is still too cold for me.

So, in these cold, dark days, what is up and what is not?

So far I have…

  • Gardener’s Delight tomatoes
  • Super Marmande tomatoes
  • Alicante tomatoes
  • Super Roma tomatoes
  • cauliflower ‘merveille de quatre saisons’
  • musselburgh leeks
  • Autumn Giant leeks
  • kale
  • sweet banana pepper
  • Rachel’s cauliflower seeds that I can’t remember the name of
  • cheap aubergines
  • expensive aubergines
  • savoy cabbage
  • oak-leaf lettuce
  • red lettuce

The kale and cabbage are coming on good and strong, which is great. The tomatoes are also looking good, if a little leggy.

Today, I will try to get out and sort out another bed for the potatoes. It’s still been too wet to get down and dirty with the soil, and the grass is really too wet to mow. Weird to think that by this time last year, the Tardoire had disappeared. I know it was a cold and wet April and May (we had three full weeks where it didn’t rise over 11° on the thermometer) last year, but if this keeps up much longer, I’m packing up and heading somewhere warmer. Like Death Valley.

I’m not a cold weather girl, as you can tell.

Maybe I could have a cactus garden and grow aloe vera instead?

XC weather is predicting a rise by Friday to 17°, but wet. Oh lord. It’s right about now I’m thinking of marrying my electric blanket.

Although I might moan, I’m really gritting my teeth and getting on with it, albeit wrapped in four layers, still. Surely it can’t be that far off?!

Can’t you tell I’m English? All that weather talk must be a sure-fire sign.

I was talking with a friend about resurrecting a rant session on my blog. Before blogging (and beyond it) I do have an extremely short fuse. I used to rant A LOT. Now, I do a whole lot less of it. Maybe it’s age. Perhaps I’m more philosophical. Maybe it’s the lack of interaction from others who tend to rain on my parade and stick giant stumbling blocks around my life just for kicks and giggles. I suspect it is as much to do with the lack of traffic, the lack of people and the lack of work aggravation that makes me much more placid than I was.

Blogs also tend to polarise people. You are revealed either as a navel-gazing narcissistic cynic who hates the world and has to grumble somewhere, or you keep your dirty laundry in the basket and spend your blogs saying how lovely everything is and end up looking like a simpleton nitwit who spends her life surrounded by beautiful things like My Little Pony and Care Bears, and is probably headed for a colossal confrontation with something known as reality. I know I tend to keep the grumble stuff to a minimum (I often think of writing open letters to certain individuals who could do with a piece of my mind – despite the fact it would make not the slightest difference) but also I’ve never been the kind to show my dirty nether regions to the masses. I kind of think Sylvia Plath pre-empted all the navel-gazing bloggery with Lady Lazarus when she wrote “there is a charge for the hearing of my heart”, and the image of people picking through her bones is a bit too close to some of the emotional spillage that seeps out of some blogs like toxic ooze.

None of that here.

I am far too English.

I will talk about the weather and will not show my scars for you to pore over.

I do feel like the countryside goes a long way to mellowing a person out. You get all ‘meh’ about stuff. Plus, my rant list is very small these days and limited to very few things.

  1. Why French people MUST pay with a cheque and cause a MAHHHHOOOOSIVE queue at the checkout.
  2. Why French people MUST drive in your boot as if to say you are driving very slowly, when France has a quite terrible (though improving) accident rate.
  3. Why M Hollande should increase taxes for self-employed people when they earn 9,200€ on average, and not increase taxes for every other person in the whole of France.
  4. Why every other bugger in France who has a union will strike endlessly so they don’t have to cut back on any single thing, leaving the poorest people to soak up the cost.

That will do for now. I think that’s all I can muster. Hollande is probably the least-popular president ever. He is messing with the French psyche by changing the school year and he has raised my taxes by 2% (alright, not the 20% they first touted just to be alarmist like flippin merchants in a souk who start high so that they can get a good price out of you…) and that in itself makes me want to hurt him. Is the sole aim of every politician just to make you realise that the last one wasn’t so bad? If that is their aim, they’re pretty good at it. It takes a really crappy politician to make me think good of the pointy-haired vanitorium that was Nicholas Sarkozy.


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